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  1. I am not comfortable with the Download version...Will wait for CD version...although Cost of CD + shipping charges will make it a very expensive affair....
  2. Demo 1.1. Missions

    Very simple...create missions in LOMAC v1.02 and save them...Copy the mission to LOMAC v1.1 demo \Missions\Quickstart and rename it using same name as the defaults file..Back them up first... AND HERE IS THE SCOOP...... You can have all a/c as flyables in LOMAC demo...just replace humancockpit="no" with humancockpit="yes" in MEINIT.xml file for both LOMAC v1.02 and LOMAC demo...ENJOY....
  3. Skinning Question

    Thanks time to get started on those skins
  4. I'd like to make a Indian Airforce Skin for Su-30 which is the only plane I presently fly in LOMAC currently....Anything to get me started ? tutorials, how to's, utils ???? Thanks fantumfan2003
  5. Flyable Su-30 ============= 1) Backup Your Entire \Lock On\Bazar\World\Shapes Folder 2) Rename \Lock On\Bazar\World\Shapes\SU-30.cmd as \Lock On\Bazar\World\Shapes\SU-33.cmd 3) Rename \Lock On\Bazar\World\Shapes\Kabina-SU-25-GLASS.lom as \Lock On\Bazar\World\Shapes\Kabina-SU-27-GLASS.lom 4) Use Lock On Pylon Editor (LOPE) Utility, Select Su-33 and add Kh-25ML, Kh-25MP, Kh-29L, Kh-31P, on all pylons except the outer most two pylons on Left and Right Wings, Save and Exit 5) In LOMAC select Su-33 and Go Fly your Su-30...... This flyable Su-30 is tried and tested but If things dont work, restore your \Lock On\Bazar\World\Shapes Folder fantumfan2003 feedback to : fantumfan2003@yahoo.com
  6. How do I bring up the In-flight Keyboard command quick reference pages in Strike Fighters....My Indianised Version of Strike Fighters came with a half baked Dual Language (English and Hindi) 10 page manual.... Alternatively can someone post a list of all the controls in Strike Fighters ? Thanks
  7. No Agm's

    Dear Capun, Thanks for the Instructions and Notes....Time to burn the mdnight oil
  8. No Agm's

    Capun, Can you please PM or post links to the two threads on SiMHQ ??? I also want to add weapons with various combos to SF...eg SeaEagle on Sea Harrier, Exocet on Mirage F1 etc.... Thanks
  9. Hello all, Can we have a sticky on this forum for all the various add ons with the URLs for downloads ? This will save us the trouble of searching for all the addons all over the web. Personally, having rediscovered SF after SP2 I am desperately looking for all available add on aircraft. Lets have this sticky.... fantumfan2003
  10. Hi Went and bought a Non Wally Strike Fighters CD and installed Patch 1 and 2 successfully.. THANK YOU ALL TO THOSE WHO HELPED....
  11. After patching with the Walmart patch (41MB) I remember trying to patch with the 2MB patch but it did'nt work...I will try with this new patch though... Thanks
  12. Hello, Will the Strike Fighters 2 Patch work with a Patched (41MB Patch not the 2MB patch ) WallMart Edition of Strike Fighters ??? Thanks

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