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  1. Missing J19 #3

  2. Post you best RoF screenshot

    Just got this game. must say its real eyecandy
  3. Winter War (5) kopio.jpg

    C:\Fraps\TALVISOTA\LÄHETETTÄVÄT\VALMIIT\Uusi kansio\Uusi kansio\Winter War (5) kopio.jpg
  4. I´m hit, I´m hit.jpg

    C:\Fraps\KOREA\Uusi kansio\I´m hit, I´m hit.jpg
  5. Mid air collision

    C:\Users\jarkko\Pictures\send\think\Uusi kansio (2)\Mid air collision.jpg
  6. Hallybags

    C:\Users\jarkko\Pictures\send\think\Uusi kansio (2)\Hallybags.jpg
  7. FOKKER D XXI (1).jpg

    C:\Users\jarkko\Pictures\send\ILLU 4.09\1360\FOKKER D XXI (1).jpg
  8. FOKKER D XXI (4).jpg

    C:\Users\jarkko\Pictures\send\ILLU 4.09\1360\FOKKER D XXI (4).jpg
  9. Hi, Laton..

    ..I think I won the 2nd price in Your competition? Any news about my " price", The Rumpler C.IV. Is it possibly a WIP?
  10. My next project

    Thx Laton :i-m_so_happy: As quack74 is afraid of heights and wants to fly low I want to go high, so my choise is Rumpler C.IV. I think it would be nice to fly at 21.000 feet (and avoid all those fighters and not get shot down as usually happens)
  11. My next project

    Skin by v. Deutschmark
  12. Hi Quack! You can never make too many skins. Your work is just great :fans:

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