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  1. Unfortunately Julhelm that was the aircraft I showed her that she thought was completely ugly.
  2. Eh, My theory on that has always been if they don't like it they don't have to download it, and I'm a tomcat lover myself. Besides the 'Sea Raptor' is really a creation this friend she liked the idea of there being two types of jets flying of a carrier but when I showed her a picture of the NAFT swing-wing she absolutely hated how it looked.
  3. I know, I've had crud for time. Good Lord I miss things around here, and, well I miss goofing off even in just the boards with people. I think I've had more computer problems than anything else recently, I've burned through about three installs of SF2 and still haven't gotten SF2I yet. Welp, if its going to take more than an ini slash and hack to make a 2seater raptor I'm just going to drop that little project
  4. Ok, I know this is a weird one but this was a request from a friend that wanted some images for a story she is writing. Basically she was wanting a navalized 'two seat' version of the Raptor (yes, I know, not at all well suited for carrier ops but its what she wants). I was wondering if it was a quick INI mod to add the GiB or if it would require actual modle modding, if its the latter I'm going to give it up right here, if its the former any tips on it or if the Raptor has enough 'room' in the cockpit to add a second seat.
  5. Well guess that anwsers weather or not to update the old What If FAA Corsairs I did with a bunch of people's help a whiles back to SF2, *chuckles* someone else has already beaten me to it. :)
  6. The Seahawk launch from a different angle Been playing around with mission builders in SF2
  7. Screenshot Thread Album

    Where I post all my screenshot thread pics
  8. It was a beautiful day for sunbathing in the Med, too bad the bloody Reds decided to ruin it and force a scramble call....
  9. You know, I've had SF2 for a couple months now but its just now occured to me with some Korea and a few WW2 aircraft released, does SF2 do a better job at preventing 'era mixing' than SFP1? I remember the different installs if I wanted WW2, Korea and later because if you were not careful and lumped them together, you could literally have AD's zekes trying to mix it up with Tomcats (which is funny and admitedly a little fun to recreate FC). If this question has been asked and anwsered, sorry guys, you all know my 'search-fu' tends to fail at times.
  10. Thanks guys, and Sorry Wrench I thought it belonged in the KB, you know how I try to keep things from going all over the place...
  11. Ok, I'm going to feel like a real dunce with this one, since I've been around for a while but here goes: I know there is a way to edit your profile picture and not use the 'default' ones that come with the game, however for the life of me I've never figured out how, sorry if its been discussed, my search-fu failed me on this one. Chaser
  12. So basically gotta go line for line on the new effects file and make sure everything matches, got it. Thanks for all the tinkering and tweaking KB, I probably would be lost without you guys since I tend to foul up the little things in the execution of it all.
  13. My personal two favorite aircraft: IAI Kfir C2 Pros: stable patform for bombing, better turn radius than the original Mirage design thanks to to the Israeli refinements to the design, more powerful engine Cons: Even with the canards it still has the same problem every other delta planform has, it bleeds energy much much faster than a traditional layout, be very careful. 'Yank and bank' will cause you to drop from the sky. F-16 Series: Pros: Good bombing platform, very stable, and has great visibility. To me the controls on this aircraft are very crisp and responsive. Personally its my favorite 'current inventory' aircraft for the USAF. Cons: All that being said, its still a light-weight fighter. Even with modern improvements it really can't match something like a AESA refit Eagle or lord forbid a Raptor in Air to Air, power is nothing compared to these two and its radar while good still dosen't have their reach.
  14. so whats in brackets should be the exact same as what the first line in the entry is? Its case sensitive too correct? (I'm asking all these questions now so I don't bork my install like I did first time I tried modding the original game *chuckles*)
  15. Ok, lets see if I have it right KB (I finally bought SF2/WoV2/WoE2 today) if I want the nukes from the current weapons pack I have to drop the 's' on all the effects assciated with it ie: [AerialNukeEffects] AirBurstEffectName=AerialNukeEffect AirBurstSoundName=Nuclear.wav GroundHitEffectName=NukeExplosionEffect GroundHitSoundName=Nuclear.wav becomes [AerialNukeEffect] AirBurstEffectName=AerialNukeEffect AirBurstSoundName=Nuclear.wav GroundHitEffectName=NukeExplosionEffect GroundHitSoundName=Nuclear.wav ? Or have Ir ead the entire post wrong?

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