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  1. Thank you both for your quick replies! That extractor worked without a hitch. I'm glad there was a different program. Thanks again!
  2. Hello everyone. New guy here. I usally come from a WW2 sim background, but got the jet bug after watching some uploaded videos of the series. Now running WOE on Vista without problems gameplay, graphical, or otherwise. I hate that my first post in any forum is a technical problem so let me start by giving a big thank you to both the modders and contributers to the Knowledge Base. You've made a great game better and answered the vast majority of my questions. Except this one problem I'm afraid. I'm trying to download and install the SFP1E cat extractor to access files so I can get those flashy nuke effects. My problem lies not with the program itself, but with the installer used. Everytime I try to install, it hangs and locks up. I've checked the installer software developer's website and this is a known problem with a cure and cause that is unknown. So my questions are: 1 - Has anyone else had problems installing the extractor? I've run searches and read the extractor tutorials here but nothing has come up with installation problems. I know the problems on my end, but I'm hoping its not unique to me. 2 - Are there different versions of the WOE cat extractor? Perferably with a different installer or just the needed files in a zip? Is it a Vista thing? 3 - If all else fails how else can I get into the objectdata file to edit the one file it takes to get the nuke effects I want. (Missileobject.ini) Thanks for any help you could give me. Sorry if this has been asked before as well, I tried several search terms and came up blank.

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