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  1. yes is true there are some strage roll rate behaviur.. This happens when the hard mode is choose on fly model setting.. It become to sensitive in all aspect, strong yaw, high rollrates and pich... seens unreallistic, i think on hard mode the plane should become more subcetible to air changes around it not to have a high joy respoces <_< .
  2. the plane that produce me the problem i describe to you navy was the A7 i was with the throttle set 20 % . i also was eperimenting other problems so i do a fresh install... there was other behaviours with the aircraft handle like i strong yaw movement now is gone.. i think there is some issues with the installation appears to be tricky good luck!!!
  3. Ahhh sorry about my terrible spelling :( i am used to chat some times i write too fast sorry ... The yaw problem I talked about my inicial post is solve. I do a new clean install again ( for a second time) and now it work, but this time i made something different i start the game on the vanela install check the adjustment settings and test them, them install SP1 check again and last install SP2... the joy resposen is good now but i hadnt have checked the game on MP .... I use a firewall i look to disable it completle... i am runnig on win XP sp1 + updates. My firewall and AV are norton ones.. i have no problems with other games IL2 FB LOCK ON falcon 4 ect... i use a GF 4mx440se ( driver 3082) sound blaster PCI 512 516 MB ram and as i say win xp sp1 internet security (norton) AV same house.. the problem description on MP : I could get into hangar choose a plane and fly, i could chat with others players, but most of the time when go to fly i couldnt see the other planes and when i see them there are jumping. with the firewall off the rate the plane moves on the screen is fater but still extremally lagging. also i have see this happens to others guys. i mainly play at HL ..... please past this to TK.. THans in advance!!!
  4. ok guys this happens to me... I have that effect the plane jink when by accident i enter the game with the throttle at 20% i cut throttle and it stop ... i hope this help you guys!!! ;)
  5. thxs dagger,,, any way i did another dance of uninstall and install... now the yaw problem is gone not any more, thae rhino fly really good now also the f100 so i say yess!!!! any way i notices a problem when the AIM7 lost losk it splode imediatly, i fire one and it detonated below me killing me :D i do it twice on the same created mission... yes i am using the norton security i unactivated it but i notice that if left some services runnig so i go to shut them donw and now i am waitng to test them on this install
  6. ok thnx spec but yes a do the same you do, i unistall erase any trace of it and do it again the same problem there was difference on the game play but the problem with MP is syill there also ther are guys at hyperlobby as i write this post having the same problem i have on MP... some of them are flying alone on mp see the chat message but no planes and whenthey appear they are jumping ..... :( let see any way
  7. well the game in solo play rocks!! i like the way the F100 handles now ... but it still have some tendency to yaw at low speed turning, also i have notice this is on the Rhino too. At low speed turns 250 knots. The same problem that the F100 had in service pacht 1, but no so strong ( you need a good rudderds and be ok). But any way i would like to see more what andy bush could say about it ( he flew the real thing). SP2 planes handles alot better now is possible to dogfight on the F100... ahh the landing is still arcadish on some planes doesnt fell right. The other problem is MP some time i see one plane sometime i see nothing and and when i see then all are jumping...... in others words it is extremally laggy and i think this is the part that needs more attetion. ill do any way a new fresh install to test and see .... but this seens to be the mayor problem now... i will see tomorrow any way out of the problem with MP and minor yaw problem this game now is wonderfull.

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