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  1. I have one question tho if anyone have any idea, would be much appreciated would it help to exit the game after each mission you finish ? wouldn't that clear the memory ?
  2. legit advice but I've never ever used online payment method. sorry I know it's not really an excuse but I live in freakin Bosnia and that's pretty common here. we like them cash we've always been like 20 something years behind everything that's normal btw I'm downloading the last part
  3. wow thank you @Menrva like I've said earlier... this is monumental it truly raise this game at another level. maybe I can even say it helps it become less game and more a simulator thank you for all your thime invest in such a gigantic project. all ALL the contributors, of course ! I just hope I'll be able to test it tonight, since I download one file last night (damn, wish I knew this will be released a few hours later) and the site have a policy of, I believe, 5 files in 24hrs... maybe I'll be able to download the last one day after and the DL speeds are not exactly lighting fast also (it ranges from ~100 to 400kb/sec I see) anyway... enough of moaning thank you a ton again, whenever completed, I KNOW this will be countless hours of fun, to which I look forward
  4. I just find about this update now. probably cause I mainly check downloads sections only not sure why I stumbled on front page this time. maybe I was getting a bit sick with all those [Fictional] planes we get these days. I mean, how many [Fictional] planes do we need ? anyway... so happy for the news. this is by far my favorite thing to do in SF2. matter a fact I consider this as a totally separate game cause it basically is Menrva my friend, you are a legend. really... modding a few things by myself back in the days... I can just imagine the amount of time you pour into this wow and for free. just for community, as they say gigantic respect also a huge thanks to everyone involved into this too I have only one "request", if I may... please make it as stable as possible edit and, of course, RIP NIELS
  5. 43rd AW, Pope AFB 2000

    my MS defender says there's a virus in it and delete it !? wtf is going on here ?!?
  6. Improved Countermeasure Effect

    doesn't supposed to go up then ? did it fall eventually or it goes into space !? @simonmiller416 thank you for this mod. I think we really need this one say, is there any noticeable performance hit ?
  7. Photo Real UK Terrain V2.

    thank you for this mod but I have one question which "2 previous versions" do I have to install first ? the one that is like 1.5 MB in size and the other one that is something like 25 kbs ? couldn't they be included in this latest 2.0 version ? I mean... I have to use my downloads wisely, I only got 5 of them for a day :)

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