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  1. Get it at the address on the picture or here Hope you like it
  2. same here don`t know how to fix it but it doesn`t bother me much
  3. These are two LOMAN-ready addons for the airbrake sound. Originaly an F/A-18 airbrake sound, sounds much better for me than the default LockOn airbrake. Download here http://filiphorsky.szm.sk/airbrake_long.zip http://filiphorsky.szm.sk/airbrake_looped.zip The "long" version is the complet sound and works beautifuly when you are fully opening or closing the airbrake. Sadly LockOn is using short looped sound so for example when you close the airbrake in the middle of the opening then it sounds a bit silly. The "looped" version works like the default airbrake sound. Check the readme files in the packages and if anyone has a question feel free to ask Enjoy

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