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  1. Allied Force Contest

    This contest is pretty cool. I've been away from gaming for a while and didn't know anyone had redone my favorite game of all time: Falcon 4!! Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked about possibly getting back into flying again! :D -Blackhorse
  2. That got it, 6 minutes is MUCH better. :) Thanks! -Blackhorse
  3. 28.2 Meg file that's going to take me 8 hours to download over cable? Can someone else host this file please!!!! -Blackhorse
  4. Shift-M acknowledges the malfunction and you can do that easy enough without shutting betty off completely. -Blackhorse
  5. ...with the all green paint job for the A-10 that came with Loman? If I install it into LOMAC and then select a static A-10 to place on the map, the static A-10 is the first A-10 on the list but it shows up as half green and half blue. Wondering if this was a problem only on my comp or if it was user wide. Any ideas on how to fix this? Maybe make the first skin all green too?
  6. Ok, I'm trying to make a campaign, and I want some "life" to be going on around the player during the missions. I'm using the 81st FS (52nd FW) as the Players squadron, but when I put down a static A-10 for airbase filler, it comes out as an A-10 from the 131st FS (104th FW)!! Any idea how to pick the static aircraft that show when you choose one? There's no payload button to hit for them so I can't choose a skin that way, and I'm stumped. Anyone have any ideas I can try? Thanks!

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