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  1. Allied Force Contest

    Count me in too please! Silverfox
  2. CDT when players exiting game. Lag and warping develop in multi after about 15 minutes to the point of a CDT. My multi option menu only provides one option...LAN,,is this correct Bombs bounce and do not explode..... Aircraft bounces, Especiallly hitting ground inverted. Keymapping issues with Cougars. Will not always recdognize stick in the custom settings In multi aftera regen I get a bitmap in my hud. Looks like part of the interior cockpit bitmap....really annoying. A4 seems to load rapidly in turns.and loses airspeed badly. No AAA No Sams Wish List: I know to late probably. 3d volumetric clouds Ground effects like dirt and water tails More detailed maps mission creator with save function campaign muti[player Explosions of ground ordinance like the aircraft explosions Thx Silver

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