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  1. X800 and LOCK ON

    Yeah, this is my 3rd time (and I made sure I told them that!) so I'm hopeing they get it right this time around. I have been without my computer for about 2 months trying to figure out the problem. But it seems to be the card...so heres to luck.
  2. X800 and LOCK ON

    But won't you be dissapointed when it's all maxed out and you can't tweek it just a little bit more? Ok, for a while you weill be happy but how long will that last? I'm glad they did it this way so we can "grow" into the game. Off topic a bit, did you have to warranty your card Thomas or did you buy another one? I am waiting to get mine back from my 3rd time warranting out the stupid thing. But when it ran, it ran great!
  3. Haha That's gotta make you think for a sec when you can watch a pair of MK-84's falling twards you while you are still airborne. Great pics Ghost Dog!

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