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  1. Things won't ever be the same without you gone thats for sure. I understand your reasons. Whatever you do now i wish you all the best. Don't be a stranger,come back and visit us once and a while.
  2. Cancel my last.Problem sorted.The joystick keys commands had been cleared ( which USAFMTL said could happen ) all i had to do was re-assign some of them . :slow(en):
  3. Hi, i finally got round to updating WOV with the new patch.I checked the knowledgebase and followed USAFMTL's sticky on how to do it (without losing mods) and it seemed to go well ... except there are no guns on any aircraft on any mission or campaign.Everything else is fine. I know WOE had a problem with this and there is a patch out to sort that problem,but WOV hasn't so its something i've done wrong...no surprise there then.Anyone else had the same problem ? Unless i just go for a fresh install ...any ideas anyone please ?
  4. Downloaded and installed.My compliments ... thats some amount of work you've done there,very impressive thankyou. " Just my luck to pick a fight with someone who calls me sir "
  5. Ok BUFF ...still there 's always the default location ... ie, the people like yourself and USAFMTL that really know whats going on !!
  6. Thanks USAFMTL ... I didn't realise they were one of the same.BUFF's sig fooled me ... which ain't hard.
  7. Hi, I thought i could download Russo's FMK6 Lighting from Combatace but despite searching and using the search engine i can't find it. It could be a case of me not being able to see it for looking Can anyone point me in the general direction please .... Thanks in advance !
  8. Hi, i downloaded it and there was something wrong with it .... it crashed the game on loading and locked the whole thing up ... if it helps the error file ( if thats anything to go by,i'm no expert ) pointed towards ; C/doamn/graham/locals/temp appcompat/wov.exe. God knows what it means but i hope it helps.I'm afraid i had to delete it.
  9. Thanks for that killerbee ... i should have known that money was involved somewhere ... :)
  10. Out of curiosity,what happens to drops tanks in real life once the fuel has gone,do the pilots drop them or do they get kept and they land with them still on for future use.If there was fuel still in them would it not make it hard to land ... especially on a carrier ? ... i'm sure there will be ex navy/marine aircrew/groundcrew out there who could clear the fog for me Thanks !
  11. Wood,i dont think so,i've applied it and there seems to be no problems ... although i think its recognised i'm no expert The read me says nothing about a fresh install
  12. ... is out ... fixes some minor problems with sp4 ... for info.
  13. Thanks PABLO499 .... i tried your tip and it worked fine,Thanks again.
  14. Tips noted eighlein thanks very much Pablo499 thanks .... i'll give that a go tomorrow after work :) Happy landings all
  15. Gentlemen start your engines We in the UK have a wee while to wait yet

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