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  1. Recording Avi's...

    Ghostdog - thanks a million, really appreciated. Cheers, Mangler
  2. Can someone give me some tips on how to generate avi's from LOMAC? Appreciate any assistance. Cheers, Mangler
  3. Zimmster - 15 Streak Eagle Skin

    Awesome Zimster! I'll nose around and see if I can find any decent pics for you. Keep up the brilliant work - a heartfelt thanks from the artistically challenged such as myself... ;) Cheers and thanks, Mangler
  4. Zimmster - really impressed with your latest F15 skins. They are fantastic. Now, considering that I am aesthetically challenged and incapable of doing this myself, would you consider skinning the 'streak eagle?' You know, the one that broke all those time to height records way back when... Well - how about it? Cheers, Mangler

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