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  1. F-15c

    errr I think your right, its a CAS platform
  2. F-15c

    I never said the 15 was a bad choice, but I would have added, one, if not two other planes, the 18, being one of our prime strike aircraft, in adition to then being able to launch a naval strike, and having a fighter. Or either the F-22 or 16/14. You can argue the game is not slanted till your blue in the face, but they have the russians top 3 fighters yes? Do they have our top 3? no, they have a GREAT strike plane, and an ok fighter.
  3. F-15c

    Yea, I'm gonna agree with him, the game is slanted, be it because of bugs, or because the game was made that way I do not know, I do question the makers choice of fighters for the American side, leaving our real heavy hitters out whilst giving the russians thiers, that being said, you can still win, its just harder. Get low, get fast, and shoot from close range
  4. Lomac

    ok, yea my post is a little hazy, first, I understand ubisoft is only the publisher, but they are not without fault here either, IL-2 FB has a mirade of patches, and is just as bad as LOMAC, but still, they published it in all its buggy glory. I know Mr Normann has expressed his dissatisfaction with the job they did, but still saying sorry, in no way makes up for it. also, other than the blue bug of death I the game runs ok I have a few problems but it seems to run ok with my system on minimum graphics, say 800x600x16, with no more than 6 aircraft, and not out at sea. and all the options turned off, I'm done with it for now, if the patches come out to end my problems I might re-install it, but for now it realy seems to me that I got screwed To me the break down seems to be, I spend 50 bucks on a game that will only marginaly run a game that it is well over the minimum requirements. as for system specs, I'm running a 2.2 gig with 1gig of ram and a Radeon 9700 pro and XP
  5. Enigma: Rising Tide

    let me just say, this game may be the naval version of LOMAC, its not buggy, but there are alot of things left out, there is no mp yet, and the torps are not guided, and you have no gyro control, but for me, I love it, ship to ship torpedo combat is a close in ugly game, as the destroyers can realy pound the hell out of you with 5-6 5in guns firing point blank and anywhere from 3-8 torpedo tubes launching fish point blank, but you do get to run a big set of boats, 2 torpedo launches, 3 corvetts, 3 destroyer escorts and 3 destroyers (battle ships to come with the patch) and 4 different subs, all with different ammounts of armor, different weapons and layouts and handling styles.
  6. I bought this game the first day it was for sale in the US, and I think I got screwed, who ever decided to sell this game as buggy and fowl running as it is needs to be beaten with a hard object. I run a middle range system, 2.2 gig with 1gig ram and a good video card, and it BLOWS, I will never spend another cent on anything these fools build, IL-2 was bad, but this is lunacy, seriously to charge a program that they knew would run like crap is wrong. There is much promise to the game if they ever get there heads on strait, I will continue to watch, and download and save the patches incase I ever want to play it again, but I will never buy a game these guys make. If they get there act togeather and fix it I may think it over but jesus, they didnt even include a manual for the game, or a key list, I mean jesus, what may be the most comprehensive (sry for spelling) game in flight sim history with no god damn manual, what a cockup. To you who own it, I wish good luck, to you who made it, I wish you enron's bankers
  7. Enigma: Rising Tide

    I own it, its GREAT, if subs or ships is your kinda sim, its a good one

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