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  1. Testies :)

    Thank you very much USAFMTL. Diggn' the new look, and not to cluttered either! :)
  2. Testies :)

    Just a small test to see if the username changed occured.....Guess not. still shows 531_Rudel-(Skinner) as the user name on my end.... how 'bout you fellers?
  3. Cool, that 7th picture reminds me of the new Digimon Cammies us Marines are using now :)
  4. The owner of the server bought new one that allow 10Mb transfers and he we have to wait for the DNS to respond to the new URL. :o(
  5. Not quite finished yet, but here are some Alpha Shots Cheers S!
  6. Stuff lik this gives me a hard on :D Great skins!!! Hey Coyote...I have a nice F-4E skin for you to host. its 5Mb...lol
  7. Cool!, didn't realize the Marines had one too. I'll have to check into that. Looks good. She's getting there! Now what I really must do is fix the color, and the color fading towards the front of the aircraft :) Cheers S!
  8. Now that I am home, I was able to grab my decal sheet and scan them to create my favorite phantom! It will be in 1024 size, and should be released with in a week. Cheers S!
  9. http://flightsimmers.net/airbase/rudel/Rangers_Sig.jpg Ok here is the link for your banner. Enjoy S!
  10. Here is the problem: http://www.geocities.com/rekbre/SIGBSF.JPG32Sqd 99TFG 1. The Geocities server will not let pictures show up on other websites other than its own. 2. You do not have the tags in use around your link. 3. The fill name should not contain spaces as HTML starts acting crazy when it encounters it someteimes. ------------------------------------------------------------ Send me your picture, i'll nbe glad to host it for you. Cheers S!
  11. Mt blank templates usually include the following layers: Panel Lines Rivets (Top Wing, Bottom Wing, Fuselage separated) "Machinery Parts" (Wheels, Cockpits, Lights, etc etc) Transparent Layer (Camoflage Color) Background (Use made for the bottom color of the aircraft) Shadows That's about it. Usually I leave the weathering up to the individual. I mean..who wants a plane that looks like the one I made according to weathering :) Cheers S!

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