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  1. Hi Guys, My Brother and I have just started fiddling about with skins and we have modified the Euro Camo Skin for myself, Ie added new nose/tial and engine art. The Problem we are having is that the skin overwrites another skin I already have and I dont want this to happen so all my MP buddies can install it too. I tryed renaming the file by adding a number to the end like alot of the skins have in the temptextures folder, ie its orinaly called A10_AKRAS-R and A10_AKRAS-L so I renamed it A10_AKRAS-R9.bmp and A10_AKRAS-L9.bmp but this just seems to overright one of the orginal skins and give me a double skin in game ( 2 skins on 1 plane) Can anyone help me? This is the skin as it is when i overwrite another. Cheers in advance

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