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  1. Well I don't think we have learned anything we didn't know before: LOMAC has more eye candy than SF2E and thus it will tax your system more.
  2. Question: Why is it that when I open .msn files in KDM the objects are always in the far top right corner? Also, why is aircraft data blank?
  3. Well here is my 2 cents - it depends on the situation. I usually hang on to them until afer the merge. I like to use the after burners to extend (climb out of the combat area), then drop before I rengage (turn back into the fight at a more favorable/advantegous position).
  4. Hey guys! I found the issue - .LOD named incorrectly in the SF2 Weapons pack. Thanks
  5. I have installed the F-22 ans F-35 and no AR missiles - why is that?
  6. OK I downloaded the weapons editor and fixed the AGM-88 issue, but what do I edit to fix the Mavricks?
  7. Thank you very much for this. Can someone walk me through fixing these bugs?
  8. It seems the Vista and Windows 7 install works for SP2 in XP as well. Making sure I had the latest DirectX version instaled sovled my probelm. it works just like Angostino says
  9. Can someone help me on how to correctly install Le Missionneur in SF2 running XP? I have exhausted the usual choices but still no dice. Thanks
  10. I stumbled upon NATO Fighters Campaign series and it seems like all I need for this game but how do I configure for WOE2? Thanks

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