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  1. Motivation

    Dante : 4 horas da madrugada !!!!! E a hora de dormir !!! Cuidado com a sua saude.... Sweep
  2. JT Alpha Version

    Hello ! Simple question to team : How far are you from the alpha version ? AFAYK, is it weeks ahead, months ahead, years ahead ? Thank you BTW Dante : Was Edgardo able to visit the argentinian navy and collect datas about the super etendard ?
  3. Release Date

    So, with Dante inputs, we can hint that Jet Thunder will not be technically ready before late 2005 early 2006 BTW Dante check your PM.
  4. Guys, have you yet been able to recover sufficient datas about the Super Etendard to allow it to be a flyable ? Thank you for your reply
  5. Clickable Cockpits?

    Clickable cockpits are a true enhancement in a flight sim IMHO
  6. Ola Dante, como vai ? Well I want to suggest some features that could be implemented in JT Code as it is actually in "early alpha" stage. Aerial Refuelling (even if I'm quite sure that it is already planned). Random Failure events (engine, radar, instruments, radio etc...). Triggers in the mission editor so we can set-up events, a la Jane's FA/18 (maybe already planned). More to come
  7. It's in the text, can wait to read the first beta reports...! Para os meus amigos brasileiros : Ja faz tempo que eu não falei português, me desculpam por favor . Eu sou francês, 32 anos, eu morrei quatro anos no brasil (1982-1986) em Resende (RJ) e Campo Grande (RJ). Tenho a saudade e espero poder voltar um dia no Brasil. Eu sou muito Feliz de ver as grandes qualidades deste projeto. Se vocés precisam de informaçaões o qualquer tipo de ajuda, eu sou disponivel. Até Logo Sweep (OT : Como vai o humorista Jo Soares ? Me lembro da velha emissaõ : "Viva o Gordo" na Rede Globo...) :D

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