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  1. Thanks for everything!

    Just got done reading Madjeff's fairwell. Biohazard's been a great site! I agree with the philosophy , ethic and analysis articulated so well. All things considered, a really classy epitaph MJ! Thanks for letting us lurkers know what's up. Best of luck to you and all of us. Gyre
  2. These downloaded as RAR files. What's up w/ that? Gyre
  3. X800pro here, and the previous driver releases haven't done much to make me glad I upgraded from my 9700pro UNTIL these. These drivers have really improved smoothness in LOMAC for me. Maybe they'll work for you (knock on wood).http:// www.rage3d.com/ Gyre
  4. New Flight Sim!

    Terrain masking or not? For some reason the lack of it in F4 killed my sense of immersion. Gyre
  5. OO, Maybe you can tell me what improved and I'll know what to look for. It's entirely possible that it does improve performance but it's something that either I wasn't having a problem with before or that, not something I was paying any attention to. I'm just like everybody else here; looking for anything that will increase perf in LOMAC! BTW: I'm running a P43.06 on a gig of 1066 rambus w/9700 pro. Gyre
  6. I've tried the "high priority" mod using my XP system. My experience is that it doesn't change anything except the stability (which is decreased AFAIK). Any different opinions about it? Gyre
  7. Zimster, Thanks, I'm honored. Your skins are works of art. Appreciate the time you've put into them. It worked. Actually I finally went to the bazar\temptextures folder and saw that the A10 files hadn't changed from the original date while all the others had. So I deleted them per your suggestion and reinstalled via loman and VOILA! Thanks again! Gyre (not really angry just couldn't master the clickable smilies in the subject line)
  8. I didn't think I was a complete idiot but I'm having a really hard time getting any A-10 skin to install via Loman 2. I've tried many of them and I just get the crappy silver/gray w/ the fuzzy letters and decals. I don't get it. Running 1280x960 at 32 bit on 3 ghz, gig of rdram, 9700 pro. The problem isn't my hardware! I've got C-130 skins, hirez F-15 and SU and MIG skins installed via LOMAN but the A-10 will JUST NOT COOPERATE! Any suggestions? Gyre

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