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  1. What are you listening to?

    wooverton mountain
  2. i noticed that on one partulir sortie i forgot my wingman had an sram cut him loose good wave though i think i was flying dead. out the window i saw all targets on fire where at that range im sure all to be seen was a crater.just a hunch
  3. Recon mission tactics

    i was in my a-6 one time on an egress when 2 mig 29s went after my wingman i called Bulls**t i then pulled in let him close shoot past then i kept him there sent my wing man home safe then played with the other two totally weponless but the one i think got tired of being dead. it was steller.no guns no missles pure dog fight. them to egressive and coulnt go as slow as me.yee ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. What the hell is going on with women in England

    if you get handed lemons make lemonaid. my advice is to get a job doing voiceovers..or something, try and capitalize. too American o well.see a light insted of a painful loss it should be easy enough to learn original its in the brain. just a thought.
  5. G. W. Bush

    i hoped to keep it to the commander and chiefs of the macnamaras .title states responseability in the end.
  6. G. W. Bush

    . the introduction of cameras in war and though i loathe them i believe they account for fewer casualities rate. and i am speaking weather his tactics or buttun pushers the fact remains he was the sitting commander and chief. so as just having the title warrents the war in his 8 years.not the time the war took to become classified as different by the new commander and chief. so im speaking his time.not the length of the conflict we still share. this is the comparison of leaders of militarys.reguardless of true decisionmakers. from the time he declared war till the time he stepped out of office.All things considered. this be the answer im trying to prove.
  7. G. W. Bush

    you can pull it if you want it was just a an observation un proven i was wondering if it could be proven.
  8. G. W. Bush

    i believe all numbers are respectful in war for honer is with n the warrior.
  9. G. W. Bush

    very good not trying to start anything.crunching numbers right now.
  10. do you remember how far and how fast quite interested. Darrin height and speed?
  11. G. W. Bush

    As a commander and chief did george w bush have the fewist causuality rate in an 8 year war,of any commander and chief in war history.true numbers desired on countrys at war.and their truest numbers.Trying to finish a report.all help appreciated.
  12. member album

    na thats cool just trying to keep organized. i payed attention on upload so next time ill upload in reverse pic10 pic 9 pic 8 so the album reads pic8 9 10 in order. thank you erik
  13. i up loaded my album and know i want to edit them in order any help would be appreciated. Thanks -Kansas Coyote-
  14. Vietnam First flight

    chronicals all but dog fight.
  15. can any one help me find a flyable e6 im tinkering with an idea.if so much apprecited thanks CA. Blue skys and green grass -D-

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