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  1. What Do You Want More??

    Would there be any chance of self shadowing effects on objects and aircraft? The same effect can be found in Lomac, with aircraft wings and missiles etc casting realistic shadows on the rest of the fuselage. This effect has an ENORMOUS effect on the game, making it look TONS more realistic. I think even Battlefield 2 has this effect.
  2. what am I doing now?

    Do you have a ex-harrier pilot or any one who has had experiences of flying this aircraft? How do you know what the FM is like in the real aircraft? I heard it's a pig to fly...Will you make it as difficult to land vertically as it is in real life?
  3. What Do You Want More??

    I'd love to see self casting shadows on the aircraft. (Like Lockons) This adds so much to the graphics. It's probably a very difficult thing to do, but if it was implemented, it would add a lot more immersion in the looks of things. I'd also like to see total explosions of aircraft (Aircraft that explode when hit in a certain way) The pilot should die instantly and the aircraft just fall apart into balls of flame. Would be very cool :) Have you guys ever thought about helicopters?? Maybe...
  4. What Do You Want More??

    I would really like a realistic damage model and nice detailed modelling of aircraft (especially cockpit and undercarriage) Explosions and the way the aircraft fall apart (missile explosions, wings falling off, outright death, huge explosions where the pilot dies instantly, think of IL2) Good, atmospheric missions with nice clouds, weather and lighting effects. I would also like self casting shadows like in Lo-mac. Now, the hardest part. Make the FPS playable even on lower end systems with fairly high graphic settings :)

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