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  1. Fantastic new terrains?

    Yes, after such a tease.... would be good to have some news about this fantastic project.
  2. Fantastic new terrains?

    spectacular... indeed!!! :blink: :blink:
  3. and remove some decals... (armee de l'air, vertical plan (a lot of french Mirage 2000 don't use them anymore)
  4. During 1980-81, Commander Ward and his new bird, the Sea Harrier was confronted to US F5 Agressors in Alcombury, England. The brits won an impressive 27 victories for 10 defeats. Few days later, Ward received an invitation from Bitburg, Germany, to evaluate the SHAR against their beasty F15s. Ward and his pal, against the odds (2 vs 2 with Full BVR armed F15) managed to score 7 victories for 1 defeat, knowing from his past with the F4 how to suppress a BVR sparrow launch. It's up to you now to equal his performance: Departure: Bitburg, Germany (with the absence of the GB in the GermanyCE theater, I changed the meeting to depart from Bitburg) Configuration: 2xSHARs codename KINGFISH ;) armed with 2 winders and gunpods versus 2xF15A codename COWBOY ;) in BVR (4 winders + 4 Sparrows) Cruise: SHARs at 12000 feets (like Sharkey reported it) and F15 at ....... feets (read his book to know more ;) ) Mode: Hard for more realism! (but very hard! ;) ) Required Mod: Just the fantastic SHAR from the Falklands 82 campaign mod in your WOE aircraft directory - beware you have to get also the relative sounds, weapons and effect too. The F15A is the generic WOE. Mission here: http://ngrignon.free.fr/2SHARvs2F15.zip Gents, let the fun begins! Feedback welcome and appreciated
  5. I love this future sim more and more... the sense of immersion will be incredible specially if you get these whole fantastic features together (graphics, dynamics, life, and physics) which is the opposite of the sim market today : big bucks to produce good graphics but no soul at all at the end. one word though, I'm professional graphic designer myself and it seems to me that some of your screenshots are composited in the Simhq interview... I think that to debunk me, you should release some little videos showing the sort of action we get in those incredible shots ;) or is it composited to give a glimpse of what JT will be ? what I am thinking this? it just because they are so advanced from what you regularly "feed" us until now.... :) anyway, I truly think you go the right way in doing this very accurate depiction of the Malvinas/Malouines/Falkands conflict, please, stay focused on your goal to deliver this future diamond. By the way, Thanks for 2007 release, it will give me time to play "Oblivion" (like your own game, the most exiting piece of code that I ever saw IMHO) in 2006...
  6. What Do You Want More??

    you already have strike fighter for the kind of game you look for (with the services pack already available and the future ones) I'm for total immersion... which means: high visual graphic details (air-sea-land, cockpit shaking, gforces simulated, speed feeling), acurate definition of this particular conflict (good ATC, weather of the region, plane physics, dynamic campaign), a dynamic world (life on carrier, airport, town, ...). yes, my favorite game is Red baron 3D :D if you go for a Red Baron-like sim with thunderjet, i will be in HEAVEN !!! on the contrary of the last message, I am for the specialized conflict where all is accurately rendered and immersive, if you go too open, you loose the momentum of the simulation. I always love the idea of a sim about this falklands conflict and i'm dying to see what can be done in these days (and the work already done goes in right sense and it's just terrific IMHO). to Scary Pigeon and Dante : don't forget a replay feature, people like to see their flight back from other point of views. Did you ever play console game like ace combat or aerodancing/aeroelite ? the replays are in my opinion so much well done with dynamic cameras (shaking and bouncing) and lifelike lighting which give the impression to see the real planes in motion... i never felt that in a replay from a PC game...
  7. What Do You Want More??

    Reading this thread, I noticed that the team often played the YSflight free sim, and I just wanted to tell you that a big community is around this free game and that one guy did an AWESOME one-in-all mod pack with very updated graphism and litteraly hundred of updated planes : "REALISM" YSFlight page if you like the basic game, you will be found of this pack (easy to install pack+game) !!! anyway, I wish you the best , There are millions of MirageIII and HArriers drivers who wait patiently to play your game ! good job ! :yes:
  8. chapeau bas.... du "bô" boulot, mon cher !
  9. ... and what i want to find back in Jet thunder : - LIFE ! what i mean is an immersive point of view, like in RED BARON , Jane's sim or one of the best of all TAW: in the recent sim like lockon or IL2, it misses something to be integrated with the simulation, good graphic and technics (physics) don't do all if there is no "life and soul" in it. what could illustrate this "life" concept ? : let's see : • real dynamic missions (i mean, you don't know where "they" (the ennemy) are from the same redone mission for exemple) • real dynamic and complete interactive ATC : help during the landing (approach cap, traffic,..) tower chat and aknowledgement requesting your input for departure and landing (like in Fly unlimited series), more dynamic and detailed CGI like this : "wait a moment, turban leader, we don't have a sure contact to target yet" and then later " ok, Turban leader, 10+ bandits bearing 270, angel 0.... Hurry up !" or submission order during a mission like " have you finished your mission, Turban? because we have a raid on Port Stanley and you are the closest to intercept the bandit, can you handle this job?" and aknowledgment request input like : "negative, we are bingo fuel" or "yes, we'll do it, over" • very detailed pilot book and promotion • more detailed mission briefing with recco pictures and detailed waypoint (ingress,...) • civil traffic (cargo, people, cars in the streets) : or said differently, NOT just target ! • good replay cams to see analyze our flight/mission • post mission feedback : your fault, your win, your behaviour face of the situation, etc... • at the end of the day : a board with the day's events (from the general point of view) like "today was a bad day, they sunk the sheffield, despite two aerial victories...bla bla..." • dynamic event based on probabilities for the result of an ejection/crash : wounded, captured, saved by SAR teams, KIA.... i think there is still a lot to do for a better immersive experience, let's hope Jet Thunder won't be as cold as the newer airsim...

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