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  1. Need help finding Flanker 2.5 and 2.51 patches

    try this:check-six-fr.com on the left side menu:flanker2.0(2.50) next: les liens flanker2.x& lock on Then flanker .-SSI
  2. ..You would like to say that they are looking for members?I have never tried such a thing.How to become a member?
  3. ...Roger that,will wait,I was not ofended,just tought that there are many other things that have priority.Thank You for a reply. :)
  4. .. I was talking about atmosphere,not a problem with a landing.I remember EF2000 ,five years back,it has landing lights.Anyway,forget it.
  5. ..just wandering, does anybody works on landing lights for SFP1?It would increase atmosphere.

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