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  1. There is always in microsoft site new version of directx9.0c,for myself I had directx9.0c version November 20007. Search the last version at microsoft site.
  2. great I'll think I'll give a try to WOI. Thanks
  3. And for the landing bouncing?It solved?This my main doubt about purchasing WOI,a good landing feeling is a must for me. Thanks
  4. thanks Im going to look at that.
  5. Hard of course but it was in SFP1(year ago,Ill stop to play this game for that) and I like so much the IAF planes that I'll thinking to buy it but this bug kill the immersion.And it was with stock aircraft. Thanks
  6. I'll will interested to buy WOI but I'll would like to know if the major bugs in SFP1 are fixed, specially the horrible landing feeling where my plane can land everywhere (desert,ect) and my plane is jumping like a kangaroo at the touch at the airport. And also my wingie crash often at the landing or have strange behavior. Apologies for my bad English Thanks
  7. I would like to know if WOI is a good sim,if it had good campaign,good AI and if one of the biggest problem with SFP1 was solved>the horrific landing, no sensation landing everytime with no problem and my wingie crash at land or jump at the touch .....horrific. Thanks

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