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  1. Iranian Torpedo

    I agree with SEagle on several points that he mentions... Depth perception, do you think the Iranian Navy has it? That is a true statement and that is why the schmiran wasn't a big concern to the brass. They were more concerned about its impact on large surface vessels from a fast moving surface contact. Less concerned with the hypothetical threat to only submarines that you describe in your post. Once launched the torpedo has very limited guidance on a horizontal plane and much less vertically. For most Navies (except one) the tech isn't there yet. I agree and disagree, there are subs that work with battlegroups and subs that don't. Plain and simple for all the reasons that you mention. I wouldn't want to command a sub attached to a battlegroup, who would? Subs on patrol are rarely continuously attached to a battlegroup unless considered necessary. They are alternated during patrols to cover the battlegroups movements. Crater
  2. Holy Forcefield! Batman

    Wish I had that for my motorcycle in traffic! BTW, it works... the RPG is no more. Just wait, more on the way.
  3. hey guys... i'm going away for a week

    Keep that weapon clean!
  4. Iranian Torpedo

    Thought this was a good read... http://www.military.com/forums/0,15240,93859,00.html Crater
  5. When Modders go Mad

    Duh...Duh...Duh...Duh..Duh..Duh.Duh.Duh...Duh. Jaws

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