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  1. Absolutely stunning, I didn't think it could get any better - but you keep doing it! Regards, Cobra427so
  2. WooHoo! My computer guy called, the rig is up and running CFS no problem! (He's having fun with it). It was a DOA (or at least sickly) video card. He replaced it and it's screaming along. He said he's got the graphics turned all the way up and it's smooth as silk! I'll pick it back up tomorrow. SOOO happy, I'll be flying OFF this weekend! Thanks for all your advice! Regards, Cobra427so
  3. Well I didn't build the unit by hand, if I did, I probably woulda gone with the drivers on the CD. For the sake of less hair pulling, swearing and loss of sleep, I selected the parts and spec'd the "dream" system to let my builder deal with it. After reviewing it with my him and making some minor changes for compatibility, he built it. He opted for the beta driver as being the latest and him not having any previous issues with it. So I'll take it back and he'll make it right - his customer service is exceptional. From what I've read, that particular Kernel is Direct X related which would explain why IL-2 runs ok, (OpenGL) and anything running on Direct X fails. (Checked it out on a couple other games - same results). I feel better that we at least have a direction to go in. Thanks guys! Cobra427so
  4. Well, it's not the monitor - but I think I'm on the right trail... got a warning that "Kernel Mode Driver 260.63 has stopped functioning, but has restored itself". It's part of the video driver I have - the latest version which is brand new... and evidently, not perfected. I've done a little research and there are other reports of the same issues I'm having so I may need to backtrack to an earlier driver. Think I'll probably take it back to my computer guy and let him do it and test it, since it's all under warranty. I hate messing with video drivers, they're such a pain in the a$$. Thanks for all your assistance guys, hope to be in the OFF skies soon. Regards, Cobra427so
  5. Y'know, I thought about the monitor issue... and I found out at work, (I got it for free) that they had some problems with it. It's an off-brand too, (Envision) never heard of it before. It seems at some point, it was unresponsive and put aside in favor of a new monitor. I needed something to use while I set up the new system and so on the chance it worked, I bought it home and plugged it in. Win 7 recognizes it and it seems to function for other things, but maybe it has "issues". I'm still in the process of transferring files and installing software, so I won't get a chance to place the new PC in it's rightful place with it's real monitor (a 24" Acer) till Sunday. I'm really hoping that will be the cure. Yes uncleal, I've been around awhile, but I've been off the radar. I still visit regularly and I have all the OFF stuff including HITR... I built this system with the hopes of improving my OFF experience - making it more enjoyable. I'm on the pilots map, that's me on the Gulfcoast of Florida near Tampa. Not sure why the board shows me as a new member, but that's no biggie. I appreciate everyone's input, and I'm sure I'll eventually get this thing squared away and flyable. I'll keep you all up to date. Regards, Cobra427so
  6. Hi Guys, So far I've tried everything here and here's my results: Setting this unit up, I'm working on a smallish temporaty monitor @ 1280x1024 - the higher the settings the better the results. When I go smaller or 16 bit color it almost ceases to work. So at 1280x1024 x 32, I get the flick to black but better progress. With the compatibility to XP 2 It's a little better - though if I go earlier to 2000 there's no difference. I've done a clean CFS3 install and 3.1 update before all this, but this does not seem to have been the issue. Direct X11 will not accept an install of 9 and I'm not to keen on screwing with removal and replacement on a brand new machine. My permanent monitor is a 24" @ 1920x1280, I'm hoping when I get that moved over it will provide some positive results. I loaded up an IL2 mission with a crowded map, loads of planes, flak, and active ground forces and it remained stabe and smooth, so I know there's got to be an answer here somewhere. Thanks for all the ideas so far, keep em coming! =) Regards, Cobra427so
  7. I don't have a 3.1 CFS disk - mine was pre-patch release, so I have to install and update before installing OFF - which I did... unless maybe that 3.1 update I downloaded was fubar. The computer was built with manufacturer mobo drivers and updated, can't think of anything that might be wrong. I will try a fresh install of CFS tomorrow I guess. Thanks for the feedback, guys. On the upside, IL2 1946 is fully installed and patched to the hilt and running like silk. Cobra427so
  8. Hi guys, Thanks for the input. I've started it as administrator but that didn't change anything. Next I went through the Config settings as per the advice in the knowledge base, as well as the 3D settings in the Nvidia dashboard. Nope. The sim starts to launch, I see the sky and cockpit, hear the sounds and it goes black. Then it comes back for a few frames then goes black. It will continue to do that. I installed and loaded IL2-1946 - it started right up and runs fine, but that's as far as I've gotten so far. Started a flight with about 64 planes in the air it ran silky smooth. Reeeeaaaallllyyy want to fly OFF in all it's glory, this is making me sad. Cobra427so
  9. Hi All, My old rig while healthy, was showing it's age, it was difficult to try and fly. I missed flying OFF so much, I built a smoking new rig. I'm trying to get it all set-up to fly, unfortunately it's not totally cooperating and I'm hoping one of the guru's here can help me out. I installed CFS3, updated to 3.1 and left the graphics to the default settings to begin with. CFS loads, but when you get to the animated menu portion, the screen flicks a couple times and goes black. I installed OFF (hoping it would work better) and all the menus work, (an improvement) but when launching to the airfield is where it stumbles. The airfield and cockpit appear, the background sounds are present and it seems the controls are usable, but the screen flicks and goes black. Exiting brings me back to working menus. Any and all help is welcomed... Rig Specs: AMD Phenom II x4 965 3.4g Gigabyte 790xta-ud4 Mobo 2 - STT D3-1333 2g memory - 4g 2 - WD750gig SATA HD Asus Nvidia GTS450 1g DDR5 (Latest Drivers) Antec 850w Power Windows 7 Premium 64bit (Latest Updates) Thanks Guys, Cobra427so
  10. I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida and we've got a lot of folks here on "vacation" from across the pond, ("holiday" for you British folks), makes me wonder how they'll all get home. Something on the news said this could last for weeks, even months. WOW! They're expecting some issues here as well. Cobra427so
  11. Building a new PC

    Thanks for all the replies guys..! Not sure why my tag shows me as new... been around since Phase 2, LOL. Anyways, can't really upgrade the old system any further, pretty much maxed out at 2.9ghz (AMD). The MoBo only takes an AGP vid-card and 3gigs of ram. Now, the monitor is a new, fast, 24" hi-def flatscreen, (suddenly saw all the things I'd been missing on a CRT - holy crap), so I'm good there. But it really doesn't have enough muscle to run OFF smoothly when things get hectic. I produce graphics, design and desktop publishing, so it runs well enough for that. I would like the new one to be flexible enough to run OFF and other games that are more demanding without laboring. Also it would be a plus if I could be able to do video editing. I've always leaned towared NVidia because they seemed to be more comapatible than ATI with less hardware and software conflicts. Has ATI gotten better in that respect? Regards, Cobra427so
  12. Hiya guys, I was looking through my records and found my current rig (which still runs really well), is way older than I thought. It's had some upgrades of course but was born early in 2005 and runs Windows 2000 Pro... So while it is still a viable rig, for a better overall OFF experience - (smoother, faster, sharper, higher resolution), I am planning a new system. My preferences are for an AMD CPU, (or CPUs), a GForce video card(s)-(SLI?) and a SoundBlaster soundcard if the MoBo sounds are still not up to snuff. My budget is somewhere in the $1000+/-(US) area. I'm planning on using Windows 7. I'm hoping some of you tech-minded folks can help me avoid any of the hardware/software conflicts, while getting a strong system that is still upgradeable for a few years. The health of my old system means I'm not in a terrible hurry, but I'd like to get it right the first time. Thanks, Cobra427so
  13. After the Superpatch and followup minis, the menus and added features look as good as the sim plays. Just beautiful. It's a shame other software developers don't follow your example for a drive to excellence and followup service and support. You guys are setting a standard that very few other developers will be able to reproduce. Thank you for the absolutely tireless work and painstaking attention to detail. Regards, Cobra427so
  14. Suckered

    Absolutely... gotta watch those sneaky Huns, they'll use teamwork to sucker you in and then do you in. Sometimes your fight will attract the attention of a distant fight. Just when you think you have the upper hand.... surprise! There's a whole new addition of enemy crates in the mix. The upside is that a passing allied flight may just as likely join in as well - which can be a REAL lifesaver. It's hard not to, but don't get target fixated. Regards, Cobra427so
  15. Olham, That Spad is... Whoa... Beautiful! That one's definitely on my DL list! Regards, Cobra427so

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