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  1. Amazing work here, hopefully there will be a Vietnam era carrier setup as well
  2. I've got SF2V and Sf2E. I guess without the original SF2 this won't work ?
  3. I know, i have the CAP at 90. Still no CAPs are generated, except for those sweeps who appear as CAPs thanks to Eric's fix. I expected this to happen, but so far both at Rolling Thunder and at Linebacker I the MiGs appear in greater and greater number as the campaing progresses, despite them getting slaughtered. In one mission my flight downed 7 for no losses only to encounter 15! at the next one in the same area some 3 days after. Also 99% of my missions are strikes and escorts when i used to also get SEAD, armed recon and of course sweeps. I have a feeling that something is off.
  4. Wow Eric, you do go way above and beyond. Really can't thank you enough. Now all i have to do is get the campaign to generate something else from Escort and Strikes that i've been getting for the past hour.
  5. Yes i know, i was referring to MIGCAPS and TARCAPS not CAPs per say
  6. I tried both Rolling Thunder and Linebacker with no success. I know that CAP in SF is virtually the same with Sweeps and Escorts, i just wanted them for immersion and historical authenticity. Seems strange not to have any CAP missions in Vietnam when a significant amount of kills resulted from this kind of missions. Anyway what i don't get is how come i can have CAPs as single missions and not in campaigns...
  7. I've got a tiny problem. I've been trying to get the campaign to generate some CAP missions, but so far no luck. I've edited the terrain file so that CAP is an allowed mission and i have given my squadron(F-4B) in the campaign file 90 % chance of getting CAP. Still no luck, even though i can fly CAP missions in the single missions. Have i forgotten anything ?
  8. No problems here, i'm just grateful that the problem will be solved.
  9. First of all your Eagle pack is simply amazing. Second how is the fix going? I've got XP, tried all the suggestions and i still get the triangles. Also i don't know if you noticed and since nobody else mentioned it there is a third small white rectangle inside the right MFD. Hope everything goes well. Once again truly astounding work.
  10. Afghanistan Terrain version 1.0

    Any chance for a SF2 version?

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