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  1. Raven, okay thanks. I was entertaining the thought it was going to be a re-work.
  2. So that Manual command cannot be reversed is that correct?
  3. Far as the canopy with a MANUAL deploy. In SF1/WOV at mission start the canopy is closed and you hit the command to open it if you desire. Any way to reverse that so at mission start its open and you can close it at your discretion, or are we stuck with doing it using HighLift_Device and Automatic for that to work. I tried several commands to no avail. In a third party F-105D for Example. Suggestions are welcome. [Canopy] SystemType=animation InputName=ANIMATION_10 ReverseAnimation=TRUE <<<nope ReverseCanopyOrientation=TRUE <<<nope ReverseModelOrientation=TRUE <<<nope DeployOnGears=TRUE <<<nope OpenOnGround=TRUE <<<nope DeployOnGround=TRUE <<<nope DeploymentMethod=MANUAL MaxDeploySpeed=20 DragArea=0.50 AnimationTime=3.0 AnimationID=10
  4. Nope,and your right. Thanks.
  5. Okay, Thanks. Would adding the value of ParkingChance= have any effect on the indiviual aircraft? Have not tried it. Ceiling=15240 MinBaseSize=SMALL CarrierBased=TRUE CarrierParkSpan=10.50 CarrierParkAnimationID=8 ParkingChance=100 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  6. Okay Thanks Gepard, I shall try the 03 version. Which compatability mode is suggested with Windows 7?. Or is better to run this on a Windows XP machine. Or does it really matter?
  7. Any idea why the 2006 TE keeps crashing when I attempt to AutoTexture on WOV 2008? Obviously I am missing something. I am using Win7 OS and have been through the compatability modes of Win98, WinXP SP2 and 3 and Win7. I am stumbling along using Gepards notes. Thanks.
  8. Sign Out

    Seems to be only when using the CA Original Theme.
  9. Brand new noob query. Can screenshots be directed to a different named folder?
  10. If you already extracted it to your flight folder, its in the particle system ini. But if you just change the entry to your engine(s) in the aircrafts DATAINI it should default. ExhaustEmitterName=CleanExhaustEmitter or verycleanexhaust emitter.
  11. Think its something like this: In types for example: [TargetTypexxx] Name=M48A3 FullName=M48A3 Tank TargetType=MISC ActiveYear=0 TargetValue=0 UseGroundObject=TRUE GroundObjectType=M48A3 RepairRate=0.555 StartDetectChance=0 StartIdentifiedChance=0 IncreaseDetectChanceKey=0 MaxVisibleDist=8000.0 DestroyedEffect=MediumFire SecondaryEffect=SmallRocketGroundExplosion SecondaryChance=100 Then in targets: Target[xxx].Type=yourobject Target[xxx]Offset=xx,xx Target[xxx].Heading=x

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