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  1. Favorite Falkand's War Aircraft

    Let me doubt you about that....a fellow brother in arm, regardless their nationality never spoke in such terms. Maybe you wanna talk to your father in law again, and listen this time....he probably will talk about us with respect, because he know about it....he in not some kid siting behind a PC, pretending he is Rambo or wherever action hero you have over there. Yeap...you are right....here you have some pictures, to backing up what i´m saying. This two A-4´s, are about to "run home to mama with your tails between ur legs" Bombs away Is she sinking????? Yeap....she´s gone. Bye Bye HMS Coventry. I have tons of this kind of "backing it up with actions". So next time, before you end up looking like an idiot, think twice ;) Rds

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