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  1. So far so good! I have only tried the 'Fly'-mission for the A-10 and a coop su27 mission online with a friend. Both worked excellent. BVR mode of the Flanker has improved drastically; i get a small and welcome increase in fps; the 'new' HUD in the A-10 and all functionality therein is really good. took a coupla turns to adjust to the use of two separate gun/munitions release buttons on the joystick :) cheers all, /Krinkle, a k a Sgt.Snorkel (hope to venture out into the unknown and get my *** kicked on HL someday. ;) )
  2. Beta 22

    I totally agree. I have plenty of fun with the 1.01 although I have the odd CTD every once in a while (not often) and some other minor annoyances. Nothing major though. Nothing that keeps me from just flying around, enjoying the look and feel, and honing my (at the moment: semi-crappy) skills in flight and combat. Ventured in to HyperLobby for the first time yesterday and just idled around as a spectator to see what i might be up against in the near future. :) Great game, and this is a great forum in comparison to what goes on at UBI's. /Krinkle, aka Sgt.Snorkel
  3. Wow! nice one! Think i got some of my coworkers hooked on Lock-On by showing them that film :D /Krinkle
  4. File Area Back Online... Finally!

    Hi! I just tried to download some films from the LOMAC Tracks/Videos section, but none of the files worked. All i get is a File Not found page. I am a registered user so I guess that's not the problem. Btw, first post here. Really enjoy this forum and the main Biohaz Central site! :) cheers, Krinkle, Stockholm, Sweden

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