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  1. Actually, it's more likely directed at the .002% of the smacktards that seem to live on the Ubi LOMAC forum.
  2. Damn GhostDog, I don't think Carl had finished hitting the "submit" button and you already had this up here. You're spooky! Bear
  3. indeed. i hope we never see another sim released in such a state from anyone in this genre, not holding out much hope though :( Bard, You've always been very vocal on this subject and you are also entitled to your opinion. I'm just curious, what was the last flight sim title you purchased that was perfect right out of the box?
  4. Ramstein, Your post is so filled with opinion, conjecture and hypothesis that it's difficult to figure out how to respond. You have no knowledge of the financials, you have no market data, you don't have sales reports and I'm confident that you don't work for ED or Ubi so where is your "information" coming from. My guess is that your "info" is gathered by your perusal of the various forums that pertain to Lock On. Or perhaps your system won't run LockOn the way you'd like. Your motivation is really irrelevant and unfortunately you've formed some pretty strong opinions on the subject and no one is going to change them. One thing is fairly certian, you are comfortable speaking ad naseaum about issues that you have little or no knowledge about. It's also pretty clear that you'd rather be part of the problem than part of the solution. Just a word of caution though, the future for this genre is as you've described, not exactly bright. The development costs for this type of product versus the return don't make it a good long term proposition. That combined with all the closet experts make the effort seem pointless. I fear however that in due time your voice will be heard loud and clear. Just remember though, if all the developers pull out of the sim market, you'll be screaming the loudest because Jetfighter 8 is all you can get.
  5. You have got to be impressed with the level of dedication and the amount of work that they are putting into this patch. Given the effort you'd have to assume that this might be the last one. It would be completely understandable at this point if they just stabalized the bigger issues and let it go. It's unfortunate that they have to put up with the amount of nonsense that they do on the forums. If I was Carl I would have stopped posting weeks ago. Bear
  6. Snacky, Thanks for keeping us all in the loop. Given how thorough the external team has been and how much time you've put into this, it's going to be awfully hard for Ubi's internal team to find something you may have missed. I'm feeling very optomistic :)
  7. Damn zzz, you're amazing! THese sound packs are excellent, thanks for all the hard work.
  8. Fingers are crossed ;) Gotta give these guys credit, they are working there asses off to make sure this thing is perfect. Unfortunately that probably means that it's the last one :(
  9. What I find really odd is that Matt said he wasn't going to be working on a flight sim. Christ he and C.J. Martin were the two lead guys behind Jane's F/A-18. CJ's a Navy guy and I think Wags was formerly in intelligence. I wonder what they'll be working on. My guess is a tactical shoot, Navy SEALS style.
  10. Thanks Jeff! I don't think it's an issue of "old age". More likely maturity :) I guess that's the catch22 of the internet, every a-hole now has a voice.
  11. Greetings all! I'm a longtime lurker and infrequent poster on the Ubi forum. I've come to Biohaz to seek refuge from the insanity. It doesn't seem to matter if its a flight sim or fps, the "official" forums always seem to degenerate into and trolling infantile mess. Unfortunately the behavior of some posters and the tone of the majority of posts simply isn't worth suffering through any longer. I've visited Biohaz in the past and it seems like a much more cordial and courteous place. I hope to become a regular part of your community. :D Bear

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