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  1. thanks JSF_Aggie, ill buy up the new games and start flying
  2. Hello everyone It has been awhile since i have been here, mainly due to the fact that im a father now ;) and also because ive been posted in a new base. Anyway, i useed to "fly" in all of the wings over "" and SF1, at the time, i assembled all the games in one big pack and with the weapons pack (great pack by the way). So, since i have a new PC with win7, im planning on buying all the new Third Wire version 2 Strike fighters. My question is, is it possible to gather all the new ones in just one? Like i used to do with the previous ones? Thanks to you all in advance.
  3. Holy crap! MiG-29M OVT

    Its good to see that the russian aviation is still top notch
  4. Thank You MK2

    Thanks alot!!! Very good job!!! Youre the greatest

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