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  1. Thanks--its definetly less noticable under 1.02, so thats a plus!
  2. Thanks--I'll give it a shot. I did a clean reinstall and did not apply any loman add ons and the stutter was noticably less (it only happens on the first explosion). I think I may run only with Z's sounds and the flare fps fix and, possibly, with the alternate sound.cfg. I am an fps junky and like to never dip below 20. I'm running a 3.06 1 gig ram 9800 pro and Audigy Zs, and usually average 30-40, with 20 obver cities.
  3. ZZZSpace: Great Mod. I only reinstalled LOMAC once the patch was releaed. So other than playing your files with players, this is my first experince with them. Seperate from your mod, the first explosion gives me a microstutter, and I think its down to the explosion sound loading for the first time. Anyway to disable this sound altogether? I tried renaming all the ground explosion files, but sound is till playing. I posted on the ubi forum, but I don't know if you go by there anymore. Thanks
  4. P.S. your advice re Falcon was spot on. I have it set up and it truly is amazing. I was so impressed, that I've bought cockpit and tiles. You may want to reconsidor the sound add on as BMS apparently has great sound out of the box. Accoring to Ratty, you should just install falcon, 1.08, SP4, SP4.1, Hitiles; BMS; BMS patch (not out yet). Also add the reagg deagg lines in the cfg if not there or adjust of they are. He recommends holding off on installing cockpits as the patch may screw them up. Everything else is pretty much unecessary. Ahh, to fall in love again. Just don't tell my wife, or my girlfriend (LOMAC)
  5. ZZZSpace: I knew you would come through, but I did no realize that you would perfect the background chatter. Your sound files add a whole other dimension to LOMAC and should be an integral part of thenext patch. Its easy to suggest something, but it takes talent to execute. Many thanks for all your hard work

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