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  1. that helped a bit. I had to really fuss around with the viewlist.ini as the 3 monitors mess up the zoom. I got it to work satisfactory, even if it isn't like the zoom with a normal screen.
  2. Setting up the game, trying to configure my TrackIR. Is there any way to have zoom on the z axis of TrackIR? Right now I have either normal view, F2 or zoom F3, but can't zoom in by leaning in with my trackIR. If it makes any difference I am running an eyefinity setup with a 5760x1080 resolution
  3. Personally I like a more realistic cockpit environment where there is little to no engine sound, but at the same time the exterior sounds levels are still loud if I'm viewing the outside of my plane. Anyway to set this up?
  4. Wondering if more advanced scripting is possible with the .lua lables files. I like using symbols to represent the label so that it catches my eye, but I have to ID the target. Right now I am using the '^' for it. My question is that is it possible to define different object classes have a different symbol? ie a '*' for aircarft, '+' for ground targets, etc. this way I can tell if a missile is coming up from below the horizon, but I still have to make further id's myself. Also this avoids the long screen-name for missiles and objects.
  5. sounds great Z. Quick question, what files control the volume of the internal sounds. ie engine etc. I would love to tweak the mod so that it's quiet in the cockpit, but loud in external views. I know and appreciate that you desire to balance between these and don't expect you to change anything. Do I have to reprocess the sounds themselves, or do something in the sound.cfg. Thanks for the great sound pack, it really changes the sonic scape of the sim. Do you have Strke Fighters and ever thought of a sound pack for that sim?

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