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  1. Grab Ethereal from http://www.ethereal.com/, then you can sniff the network traffic and see whether the problems is on the sending or receiving side. Cheers Peter
  2. One other thing If you use the default script you may find the the update frequency between computer is a touch slow, basically due to the sending computer caching information before sending it. This means a single packet contains several updates. This is fixed by adding, setoption to the script as follows. if socket then c, e = socket.connect(host, port) c:setoption('tcp-nodelay',true) end cheers Peter
  3. Here's a piccy of Lomac driving F4 glass. Can't wait to see additional items exported!. Tilt head to view :) Cheers Peter
  4. Well did the upgrade in the weekend to 1.02, pretty happy with it. Dug out the VB cdroms and hit the code. Good news is the LUA code for dataexport is pretty much whats supplied with 1.02, the sample VB code posted on lomac forums to catch the values worked as well. Glued the sample code to simkits SDK code, and bingo I've got the simkits airspeed guage following the a10 airspeed in lomac :) Cheers Peter
  5. I'm planning to use LUA, more for getting information out of lo-mac, guages primarily. I'm a little encouraged by one of the devs replying back in the lomac forums asking for what else would be desired. I'm looking for things like warning lights (aka lightbits in Falcon4), gear position engine rpms, etc. Cheers Peter

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