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  1. Hola, With the new patch release I wanted to give this simulation another shot. I have a fresh install of WoV and have downloaded MK2's Aces of North Vietnam. My issue is that the MiG 21's do not have pilot figures in the cockpits. I did change the default install path to C:\Program Files\VPAF\WingsoverVietnam\ I'm assuming I need to edit an ini file to get the pilots in the planes. Thanks in advance.
  2. January Calendars

    Great stuff, can anyone recommend a wallpaper switcher? I'd like to be able to rotate them during the week.
  3. November Calendars

    Really sorry to hear of the death in your family, look forward to seeing your next work released.
  4. November Calendars

    Any December Calendar in the works? Anything with a Century Series aircraft would be appreciated (thanks for the past great items). Always get comments here at work about them.
  5. Hola, Thank you. Much appreciated. Since I'm new to LOMAC, this type of information really help's out.

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