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  1. Heat Seeking Missiles

    Hello Folks It was the SHAFRIR 2 : http://www.acig.org/artman/publish/article_158.shtml Adios
  2. Heat Seeking Missiles

    Argentinean Daggers carried the Shafrir 2, which could achieve a surprise if used more often, only on two or three occasions. French AAMs, like Matra R.550 Magic Mk.1 and R.530F were carried by Argentinean Mirage IIIEA fighters, but not brought to any use. SHAFRIR 2
  3. Heat Seeking Missiles

    The Daggers and The Mirage III use Rafael Shafrir II IR-Missiles during the conflict. For example 1st Lt. Jose "Pepe" Ardiles try a shot on a Sea Harrier but he fail
  4. Favorite Falkand's War Aircraft

    perhaps it was this one : yupp
  5. JT Alpha Version

    Thanks for the news Dante-JT
  6. Video Super Etendard

    Hello Buddies Here is a great video about the Flotille 17 F 75 MB http://download.go-legion.com/movies/air%2...af_etendard.mpg Adios
  7. My Favorites Airplanes Of The Comflict.


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