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  1. I'm planning to dowload two Mods that are available, but before doing so I'v got some questions that hopefully will get a response: US Kneebord Ver 1.5 Is this mod compatible with Ver 1.02 and does the map change if you're leaving or flying to another destination (other than Saki) or is Saki the only map that you see?
  2. Can't Download Skins

    It was a LOMAC A-10 skin by Mitch Jannsen HR - A10 "JAWS II' . After clicking-on the download icon an http page pops-up saying file not found with a link back to the main repository page. I tried several other downloads in the LOMAC skins and a camgaign download and got the same message.
  3. I'm trying to download some LOMAC skins for the A-10. I "drill-down" to the download and get a "file not found" screen with a link back to the main repository page. tried this about 9:30am EDT on 6/29/04.

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