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  1. Cockpit display looks really great! If you guys are actually trying to pursue 100% authenticity of the real cockpit however, you need to readjust the landing gear panel. There is only one gauge (the Top one), the flap indicator. The bottom gauge does not exist. The panel is capable of having a second gauge installed, but the A-10 has not exercised that option. Not trying to pick apart an awesome job, just trying to let you know what is actually in the cockpit since I do work on the actual jet. A10 Instructor
  2. Oakster, Just send him an email on exactly what you are looking for. If he doesn't have handy, I'm prety sure he can get it. A10Instructor
  3. Oakster, Try Diceman's web site (www.warthogpen.com), he has a lot of pics there. If he doesn't, email him. he may have what you need sitting around at home. A10Instructor

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