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  1. Anyone know if it is out there

    I would make sure you buy the CD retail version rather than the download versions, because there are many mods available (I've made some also, check my website in my sig), but I've heard that the mods only work on the CD version, not the download version. Not sure, though. Last time I checked, you could buy the CD game direct from Atari, so maybe check their website.
  2. It's discussed here at 1st Bear Hunter Squadron: http://www.aimoo.com/forum/categories.cfm?...CategoryID=3190
  3. 1st Bear Hunter Squadron , then, click the 'Forum' link on the left frame.
  4. Trees In Gunship

    Actually, I like the trees, but, first, have you ever visited the Gunship Helipad ? It has lots of Gunship! mods. The only tree mod I know of is one that substitutes palm trees for the originals, in a new desert terrain, and I think also a mod that substitutes snow covered trees. Those are availabe when you install Mod M8 . What I've done before, when I want to change the trees, is copy the trebun.pca and trebun.pcb from the mods\ter_des to the data\textures folder, and then I have palm trees in a European terrain, lol. Trebun.pca and .pcb are all you need to change to get the palm trees, if I recall. On the Helipad site mentioned previously, are instructions to mod all the objects in the game, so feel free to create new trees. I also have a site with more Gunship! utilities, tips, and skins. It's in my signature.
  5. Sorry, need help)

    All the internal knowledge about Gunship! is at the Gunship Helipad . It was down for awhile, but was recently put back up. You can get more information by going to this forum . There, use the 'Search' link to search for 'Gunship! texture' or 'Gunship! pcx' etc. Here are a couple important threads in that forum, regarding textures: http://www.simhq.com/simhq3/sims/boards/bb...ic;f=9;t=002146 http://www.simhq.com/simhq3/sims/boards/bb...ic;f=9;t=002156
  6. I used to be able to, until the last few days. Now, I have to use IE instead.
  7. k, thanks. great board anyway.
  8. There is no 'Delete post' button here whether I use IE or Netscape 7.2 using Win98SE.
  9. Update 07/03/06: I've fixed the problem with the Chinook that previously caused the entire top to swing left and right during the game if you had armed it with a machine gun. I also added more improvements to the skins and 3d files. I recommend the new version. Available at the link in the first message.
  10. Update 06/07/06: I made some improvements to the skins and 3d files: I increased the height and width of the airframe to make it proportional to real life, cleaned some things in the textures, added new wheels, and refined the shape of the hull and nose. I recommend the new version. Available at the link in the first message.
  11. Updated 07/04/06: I made some improvements to the package. See details in the messages further down. This is cool because when you install the Chinook, you can fill it with your choice of infantry and give it a machine gun for self defense if you want. You can even pilot one by adding it to a flyable platoon using my Gunship! Tactical Reference Download it here: http://members.fortunecity.com/whb11/Gunsh...nship.htm#Patch From the rear, you can see troops inside waiting to be dropped off: Also, check out the other Gunship! tools, utilities, skins, and tips at the link in my sig. Here's a cool Chinook site: http://www.chinook-helicopter.com/index.html When you go there, move your cursor to the left side and the menu will show. Make sure to check the photographs gallery, especially the 'Pinnacle landings'.
  12. The closest we have is a Super Stallion. Unfortunately, the model format is proprietary to Microprose, though well known. PM me and I could email you the model and format specification and you could probably convert it for WOV.
  13. I have uploaded a package that enables the V22 Ospreys in Gunship!. The Osprey already exists in the original game, but was not included in any platoons. Gunship! may be the only sim that has Ospreys. You can even pilot them using fng2k's Mod M8 package. Click here for more information and to download it. Here is a fascinating history of tilt-rotor and tilt-wing helo/planes: www.helicopterpage.com/html/tiltrotor.html Here's an interesting recent article about Osprey's: http://www.cnn.com/2006/TECH/space/03/24/osprey/ Also at my site are new Cobra and other skins.
  14. Gunship!

    There are a few who play online here: 1BHS Gunshiplink After going there, click on the 'Forum' link.
  15. Painting Guide

    Good question. The central site for information about Gunship! modding is http://www.simwarrior.com/gunship/index.html I know they've created a lot of new skins for the vehicles, patched the .exe in various ways, and that there's a new mission editing tool available (mine).

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