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  1. F-4EJ

    Phantastic work! All your other Phantom mods too, phaboulous ;-) Best Dag
  2. Outstanding work ! I got seen by none on my first mission, just as advertised :-) Best Dag
  3. Oh lovely shot Sophocles ;-)
  4. Stunning work Sophocles!! :-)
  5. You are my hero Sophocles !!!! Best regards Dag
  6. I really hope there will be a model with arresting hook and dual blade antennas under the nose, like tail no 207, shown in Centurion's links :-) Best Dag
  7. As said before, superb work. Best regards from Tilos Dag
  8. WOW! Amazing detail, love it !!
  9. Incredible ! Cannot wait to fly this one ;-) Best Dag
  10. Superb work Sophocles ;-) Best Dag
  11. Can't wait for this one thanks for all you do sophocles :-)
  12. Harriers from NF5 are also heavily affected wher it comes to the "blowing up on loading problem". Best Dag
  13. I hope everything is working out for the better Sophocles and at the same time I was wondering if there are news on the amazing F-5A you are creating? Best regards Dag
  14. F-4M Phantom[ FGR2]

    Phantastic work, applause!!
  15. Superb work! Cannot wait for this one ;-)
  16. That cockpit looks superb!!! I am really looking forward to this one ;-) What models are planned? I hope you will consider doing: - Standard F-5A without hook and single blade antenna under the nose - Early Norwegian type F-5A with hook and double blade antennas under the nose. - NF-5A - CF-5A Best Dag (Retired FSX painter)
  17. Outstanding work on this F-5 :-) I am a big time Norwegian F-5 enthusiast and I cannot wait to fly this one in SF2. Superb work ! Best Dag

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