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  1. Amazing work Sophocles :-) Best Dag
  2. Get well soon Volker. All the best :-) Dag
  3. Hi, Some more skinning progress on Sophocle's F-5A. The Norwegian F-5 fleet were all to receive a green upper colour scheme but as it turned out only two were so finished. One of the others here represent a repainted aircraft in the darker aluminium paint of the mid 70s to mid 80s. Last one is in weathered original paint scheme with the squadron codes and five digit tail no replaced by the last 3. Or rather, in this instance the last 4 digits of the serial. This aircraft was so painted due to the fact that a UH-1B had tail no 580. Best Dag
  4. 334 skvadron F-5As. 69-7130 was painted with RI-H on both sides and not as '226, which is correct. Special thanks to Sophocles and Ravenclaw for making this aircraft come alive :-) Now on to the 3-digit tail numbers. Cheers Dag
  5. Only one F-5 ever carried the 718 skv checkers from their T-33A period and that was Delta Papa Charlie. Here it is in air defence alert config. Some 22 years later this became the prototype Tiger PAWS aircraft upgraded by LTV/Sierra Technologies with all sorts of modern gadgets. Best Dag
  6. The blast removes the cones. They are made of thick cardboard cellulose material. Dag
  7. Bombs gone ! 338 skv F-5A as seen from his wingman. Cheers Dag
  8. Here's 332 skv, the previous ones were from 336 skv. Best Dag
  9. My first paint for the SF 2 series and my first screenies here. I gave Sophocles' F-5 a Norwegian flair. I am now in the process of making 78 historically correct decal sets. Best Dag
  10. Hello, Is there a way to shorten the gun muzzles on the F-5E, they are way too long? Best Dag
  11. Can you please have a look at the undernose blade antennas. On the stock E-model there should be two, the rearmost the larger one. Apart from that, I am really looking forward to this aircraft :-) Best Dag
  12. Superb work, the more F-5s the merrier :-)
  13. I had the same problem and it's now solved. I cannot load the bomb (SUU-20B) dispenser, only the rocket one (SUU-20R). Any ideas? best Dag
  14. Hi there, I'm pretty new to SF2 and I was wondering what AMD/ATI CCC settings you people that uses this graphics board use? I have noticed a slight lack in both Anti Aliasing and anisotropic filtering compared to most of the screenshots I see posted here. I have the ATI 5870 card. In game I run most settings at unlimited but have not tweaked any ini's. My apologies if there is already a topic on this but I could not find any. Best regards Dag
  15. Superb work! Really something to look phorward to when I get home phrom work ;-) Best Dag
  16. Take your time Sophocles. For this quality work, I got all the time in the world :-)
  17. Hello Sophocles, How is this beauty doing these days :-) ?

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