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  1. A letter to the President...

    Pcpilot, 'gratz, it's a nice job ! I wpuld like more of you fellows do that / or more often ;) -> to you who don't argree with me, don't go and flame me "SimHQ-style", dont take it personally, if you dont like it let it go ... it is MY thinking and I wont discuss it in a flame war ! -> MadJeff, sorry it this post goes mad after that, feel free to cut that post, as I said, i am not willing to rotten your forums with my thoughts...
  2. <irish accent=on> F***ing Shy*e !!!! Looks great ! <irish accent=off>
  3. "Bunz out the Oven"

    congratz !!!! [applaud mode=on] <clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap> <clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap> <clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap> <clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap> <clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap> <clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap> <clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap><clap> [/applaud mode] <wwwwwiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzz> [hands cooler=on] <wwwwwooooozzzzzzzz> [/hands cooler]

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