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  1. File Name: BadAzz RC File Submitter: Injun_01 File Submitted: 29 Mar 2006 File Category: LOMAC Misc. Files Didn't know where else to put it...The file you knuckleheads, not that thing. Click here to download this file
  2. Allied Force Contest

    YO!!!! Fates...Now that's a name I hadn't heard in a long, long time. How ya doin'? Hopefully well and healthy. As for myself, gettin' fat and lazy...never thought I'd see myself not looking into a CRT, or nowadays a Flat Panel, full of Virtual Pilots...that is of course, "Jane's Gang". Whatever happened to all that fun? Anyways, nice to see you still around, and tell all my former 0DB Bretheren that Injun say hello, been many months since Injun heard from them. Need start sending smoke signals, but first Injun need to start fire. Injunz squaw sayz better that Injun go to trading post and get flashlight. Injun, plus firewater, plus fire too much danger. Too much fire, too much smoke, send wrong signalz. Oh yah, did the reg thang over at Multiviper and am now a member, don't know how long the good standing will hold, but I'm in for now... <C>
  3. BadAzz RC



    Didn't know where else to put it...The file you knuckleheads, not that thing.
  4. A RC video that you HAVE to see to believe!!!

    Yo!!! Wow, things are sure lookin' diff'rent round here. Where's the barkeep...Ahem, scuze me sirz, have ya seen any riffraff in here. The namez Injun, some know me by me old call sign...0db_Injun <S> Whatz up boyz, been awhile, thought I'd drop in the ol' Pub to see how things is goin and came across this post bout RC videos. Gonna try and upload one now...enjoy. Great seeing you guys again...FATES!!! What up LOCO... Burp, file uploaded to LOMAC misc files in downloads section...Must wait to get approval, hope this ain't like waitin for credit approval...ohhh, the anticipation. Gorsh, I'm getttin' all nevus inside. Cya. <C>!!!
  5. Tag...Your It.

    Well hello there. I finally found you again, sheesh, what's happened? I lose myself for several months, come back and there's no more BioHazCentral no mo', still lookin' for Team 0DB and some of the ol' dirty baztards memberz. Oh ya, it's been awhile, so to those who are noob'z and those who don't know me, Injun_01 here, former 0DB team member and hell raiser. And to those who do...<S>!!!How the hell have you guyz been??? Any word on the return of Jane's USAF:biggrin: Yep, still got me fingers crossed, still hoping, still prayin', or am I livin a "Pipe Dream"? "AOW, Gunz only, 140%, no tutu'z, and no UFO'z" and don't forget yer Snake Bite Kit!!! WOW, look at all your faces, 1/2 of you are like ...huh???, whats USAF, the other 1/2 of you are probably sitting there goin' ...Hmmm, them were the good ol' dayz. Anywho, just thought I'd drop in and stir up some dust, as usual. I'll be around for awhile, until you try to hide the site from me again...very clever. Never would have thought you'd change the name on me... Speak at ya'll later. >>>-------------> Injun out. <S> <C> \_/ <--- This onez on me P.S. For all you ground pounders out there...Some sniper footage. NastyMeds.wmv
  6. "End of the World"...

    <S>...Well it's been a few months since I have last visited So I'm sittin' here browsin' around and KABLAAAM... What? When? Why? Who'z Responsible? How dare you remove the "USAF" Forum, LOL (j/k). Now that I am way behind the times, looks asthoughSLIKK is still up to makin' USAF every good as it used to be, even better?!?! Just dl'd CD1 for SuperPro 2 and waitin for the CD2 to be posted-released. Now I gotta find me original USAF cd's and maybe SP1 cd's as well, then have to dust off the ol' Saitek and learn how to use it all over again? Wow, am I reminiscing or what... So if this SP2 flies, I'll be lookin for some good ol' 1v1, or AOW, Gunz ONLY!!! No TuTus and no UFO's, unless of course a UFO is all you got, then bring it. If you know what I just said well I guess I just conjured up some ol' ghosts, One last line...Hoping everyone has a Safe and Happy New Year!!! May the Ghosts of USAF's past rise and conquer the skies once more...(Hope everyone still carries a Snake-Bite Kit) <Cheers> \_/ ...this shot reserved for 0DB!!!
  7. Youuuuuu_Whooooooo, where are U?

    mmmmmm, Crackers. Im hungry now, gotta go!!!
  8. Happy New Year

    <<HOW>>. Just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for the replies in my "Bunz out the Oven" post. My squaw and I got a real kick out of the responses. Thank you all, and have a safe and very Happy New Year!!! _/ <C>
  9. Dammit Fates, always started something somewhere arent ya!!! :D
  10. "Bunz out the Oven"

    <<HOW>> Sup gents. Im finally able to breath somewhat again. Im happy to report that my Squaw and I had a "bouncin baby boy" on 16 Nov. 7lbs9oz, 19" long. Lil' Geronimo gave my wife hell but she held up like a trooper!! :D So now that were all home i can get back to some SFP1 stuff. _/ _/ _/ drinks are on me....<C>
  11. Sonic Boom Pics

    Here are some interesting images of Sonic Booms. Dont know if you have seen em or not, here's the addy. http://www.inflightzone.com/../boom.htm
  12. I think Fates hit the nail right on the head......hehehe. Good one Fates <C>
  13. <S>All. These past 2 days ive been using Cacheman and using the gaming profile before i startup SF P1. Seems to have helped alot, no more CTD's. Havent tried with MP though, as I have had my 16 and a 18 pack flyin in the USAF lobby lately. Seems as though, whenever I log on to get a game of SF P1 nobody's there, their all over at USAF.....
  14. <<S>>BioHaz members. Last night and the night before, I had a problem with my comp locking up during flight while using Gamespy. Ill be somewhere around 2 min into flight and then it locks up. I am using dialup here, with AO-WELL.... :twisted: Could this be a problem with the high level of comp resources use vs. a really crappy connection, or is this the work of evil beings at gamespy??? :D All my other games work fine, even when im runnin background apps. (Although these games dont require as much of my comps resources.) Ive read the other post(s) about the game locking up at the aircraft selection screen, but I have not run into that problem myself yet. (Knocks on wood!!!) I've got the beta release for HL, and will be tryin that on tonight. :D Cya guys around. System Specs: Athlon XP 1700+ Gigabyte GA-74RX /333 MHz FS Bus 512 MB PC800 Rambus Radeon 9700 pro WIN98se OS (the gamers choice for OS.....Hehe) Saitek X45
  15. <S>Gents. Last night and the night before, I also had problems with my comp locking up during flight while using gamespy. I dont know about you, but I've got dial-up here, until Jan. Im also posting this situation in the SF forum.

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