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  1. Windows was installed on my computer when I got it, around January. Think maybe I need to update it? I have auto-update on, and it does ask me now and then if I want to install updates.
  2. I wonder if anyone can help me with a couple of problems with LO-MAC (or Lock On - Air Combat Simulation as it seems to be called in the UK). Both involve it crashing. First, it drops out to a blue screen with white writing, indicating that the whole computer has crashed. The writing tells me to restart the computer if it is the first time I have seen that page, otherwise do some other things (which have nothing to do with the game, just Windows XP). The instances when it does this do not seem to have anything in common except it's always when I'm playing the game (as opposed to using the mission editor etc.) Secondly, it has restarted my computer twice. First time was when I exited a menu, second time was when I exited the game. I have the latest patch (1.02). I have GeForce FX 5200 with 256MB of ram, a 3.2Ghz Pentium with 1Gb of ram. Any thoughts?

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