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  1. I'm the "lucky" owner of one of the old F16 FLCS/TQS-sets, but I'm having a few problems with it. Mainly: The needed SWF22-chipsets from Stickworks are no longer in sale, and the set will not work without it as of now. Thus my question is this: 1: Do anyone know of any gamecards (PCI) that works with this set? Needs to have analog processing. Have a Thrustmaster 2-port gamecard, but if anyone has any magic way of getting an old 8bit ISA-card to work in Windows XP, please give me a hoot :P 2: Is there a 15-pin to USB converter that works with this set? 3: Do anyone know of alternate places where the SWF22 "Eraserhead"-chipsets are sold? Already tried contacting both Stickworks and FSCentral about surplus sets, but alas: Nope. Right now I can either have functionable Axis on the stick/throttle, or I can have functionable buttons. Not both at the same time, which is sort of a drag. Using a jittery Logitech-stick right now, but it's not good at all for my use. And since I live in Norway, a new HOTAS-set costs shirt, pants and both socks. Thankful for any replies.
  2. The Cobra can be performed with the MiG29, as well as the two Sukhois. There is a speed-limit in place (around 400knots or so if I'm not totally out in the fields), but as long as you're under that you should do fine. Remember to have enough altitude so that you can recover properly and not make a swimming-pond for the groundhogs like I did on my first try :P The procedure is pretty straightforward, though. Here's what I usually do when attempting this move: 1: slow to under 400knots 2: Throttle to Idle 3: Haul back on the stick while hammering the "K"-key until either my hand bleeds or the jet Kobra's. 4: Punch the stick and throttle forward to lower the nose and get your speed back up fast. Again, check your altitude before you do this :P
  3. Thomas, that's my new Desktop-image right there :) DAMN that's a sweet pic...
  4. Sweet! More stuff to scare my neighbours/cats/Girlfriend with :D
  5. Bump for this. If it could be made dynamic as well (higher throttle-input = more smoke), it would be grand.
  6. Tried it, and on the third try I managed not to faceplant/Frontflip (try one), let the tail drop hard back to the ground which provoked a rather fun groundroll (try two). The landing? Well.....let's just say that I had a little arguement with Zeke, and that I got my assets put down (in a fireball, I might add...) I even managed to miss a hangar on my way down, but I think I made a few dents in some aircrafts that was parked at the airport I argued with Zeke over.....
  7. Found this thread while browsing on the PF-forums today. Seems like the patch is out. http://forums.ubi.com/eve/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=40...65&m=6111079242 Downloaded it (about 65mb's) and will install later this evening (currently at work).
  8. *installs an automatic drainage system for the drool* I'm going to be stuck in this sim forever :D
  9. This'll be awesome :D Thanks for bringing the news, Thomas :D
  10. I find that some aircraft, and especially the P40, is insane in it's bouncyness. Have also done a few frontflips (until I found out that mapping a key for chocks = nice thing to to), and quite a few wingtip-strikes with the following crash. Haven't found this sort of behaviour in any of the other aircraft I've tried so far, although some are harder to get off the ground than others. The P40 is by far the worst, though. Having to fight it all the way down the runway doesn't seem like right.
  11. Tried it out last night, and yep =) It's quite capable of making my cats stick to the floor/wall/roof/doorpost/my leg.... (had one of them lying on top of my woofer when I did a high-speed pass in flyby-view. Had to peel the thing off my leg afterwards) :P Great job =)
  12. Thanks, Z =) More stuff to scare the living daylights out of my cats with. Keep up the good work =)
  13. Will I be buying this even if I have to go hungry for a month? HELL YES! Can't wait for the release. This looks like it'll be a lot of fun, even if the damage-models for other aircraft haven't been updated.
  14. Bye bye Last Operational F-104

    Thanks, Dutchy, but I already know of that site =) The two 104's they're flying are actually ex-norwegian aircraft =) Here's a brief history of the two aircraft: CF104D Two-seater: Came to Norway 14. september 1973 with about 1072.30 hours flight-time, and had some 2623 hours when it was phased out on 9. december 1982. Was housed on Sola Airbase until it passed on to Northern Lights aircraft in late 1980's. CF104 Single-seater: Came to Norway 19. November 1973 with 1921.30 hours in the air. Was phased out at 6th of December 1982 with 3482.5 hours flying-time. Housed at Sola AFB until about 1994 before being sold to Rick Swetkoff's Starfighter-team. I don't know which squadron they flew with here, but I'll see if I can find out. Thanks, though =)
  15. Bye bye Last Operational F-104

    A Sad day, but hopefully we will see Starfighters at the show-circuit around the world and in Europe soon. Hopefully the Starfighter.no-project will get their Two-seater flying one day in the future.
  16. Been here on Biohaz a few months, but never gotten around to really saying Hi :) Have been using Biohaz a lot to keep updated on what goes on in flightsims (especially Lock On), and have made a post or two here at the forum. Can only say that it's a great source of information and hints/tips/addons/news. Nothing more to say, I think :P
  17. This may be a rather silly question, but I'll ask it anyway: In the Demo-version and in some of the videos posted on various forums/sites, I've seen that the camera shakes/shudders as if the aircraft is affected by turbulence. It's especially noticeable when pulling a few G's. Somehow I can't seem to get the same when I'm flying, and was wondering if there was a way to enable this. Haven't found a setting for it as far as I can see, and it looks rather silly that there's no buffeting/turbulence on the aircraft while pulling G's or in low level/high speed flight.
  18. Thanks =) I've searched through the options and the keycard, but couldn't find it. It might just be me being blind, though...
  19. Hmm...Suddenly I feel dumb, since I've not tried to clip the wings on an aircraft in the current LoMAC just to see what happens. Great videos, though. Can't wait for ED to give this out. Just hope I'll be able to get it here in Norway....
  20. What can I say other than well done! Great flying =)
  21. I feel like a third-party :P yep...bad pun.... Post #3

    If the Filetype-to-program-associations are messed up, simply change them. (Open My Computer, check under Tools - Folder Options - File Types. You can edit them there.)
  23. Here We Go Again

    I haven't been here long (as you can see from my postcount), but I've found more info in this forum that's interesting than in the official one. And besides, the official forums are horribly (great understatement) slow. Keep up the good work, everyone :)
  24. Goodie :D Time to scare my cats again :P Will test it as soon as I get home

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