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  1. Another bus bomb in Israel

    Before you read this.. Im not against muslim people even if they hate us so long as they capeable of a peaceful thought. As Im sure most are. But within thier silence may come a price to heavy to bear if they do not fight for peace or agaisnt those who commit such terroristic attacks on civilians. I can say one thing..and I seriously think it does need to happen..When a country and its ppl attack the civilians of another and believe its ok or is an ideal idology much like the nazis did..Only one answer will ever ultimately remmedy the belief this tactic is worth doing..I dont mean to sound heartless but in order to save future generations from an on going hatred war is to break the idiologies back.. Isreal needs to go in and carpet bomb them till they surrender.. That is the only way they will wake up..Severe devestating losses based on what they find is an ideal tactic. If we had not bombed germany in the same manner as they did our allies we would have lost that war.. These rules of war are now useless hand cuffs in protecting ones country..In matters of such WWII tactics can only be answered with such tactics on a larger more devestating level..If we had not bombed Japan with the bomb there would have been 100's of thousands more lives lost apon its invasion.. I pray the world isnt stupid enough to allow Iran nuclear weapons as they are the home base to hamas and more than likely shelter for al'queda.. Imagine what kind of terror they could bring with nuclear suicide bombing. Musslim world doesnt start becoming accountable for how their society deals with their anger they will find them selves with nothing but nuclear waste to eat. Every single major trouble spot on this planet right now involves extreemist musslims.. THeir goal..the perfect islamic world..yes they want the old we can rule the world..Same as hilter.. I hope the good muslims in this world would finally rise and fight back their extreemists..as of yet I seen no effort at all.. Makes ya wonder..
  2. MN Twins ROck!!:P WOOT!

    hope the yankees vs the Twinkies this year in the world series :P Woot! :)
  3. MN Twins ROck!!:P WOOT!

    We are gunna own joos!:P hehe :)
  4. Bush Leading us into another vietnam!

    btw keep it civil :)
  5. Yep looks Like our troops are dying for another lie..How long will Bush continue to use are service mens lives as fear/war mongering election tool? Seems yet another President added to our history to start a war on a lie and continue to micromanage the war in getting our troops killed! Another American beheaded thanks to the imaginary Weapons of Mass destruction! Vote For Kerry! Bring our boys home!
  6. Is it just me?

    or is it that every topic thats not pro bush gets locked lol :P
  7. How man of you have tried it? Did you like it? Any ideas to perhaps make it better? Thanks, SniprKlr
  8. easy way..loman 2.1 cheers
  9. The death toll in the Russian hostage crisis

    Here we agree Scout1! That is exactly the only real way to stop terrorism.. Until the world stops being whimpy and rediscovers its balls they will have to live with terrorism till the day they say we have had enough. Sadly I dont see that happening untill a few countries fall and a few million ppl die :/ People rather tollerate loosing lives for the sake of protecting the enemies rights than save such lives with such a low fatality rate solution that would only affect the terrorists and spare hudge ammounts of civilian lives. Kuddos on the story!
  10. Pro Bush Protesters at the Convention

    Also note.. Our government anually looses 200billion a year in tax payers money with no clue as to where it had gone. More than likely do to the enormouse accounting that it takes to manage a nation of this size..Errors in accounting in the government are never exact figures and are more of estimations with a certain percent for margin of error.. Even then they manage to loose money in the millions to well in the billions (cant really give a figure as its never static or could really be accurately estimated).
  11. Pro Bush Protesters at the Convention

    Btw your theory on the more money you spend is a bit flawed.. Its what you can afford to spend beyoned your budget.. Spending into dept because you cant afford to live or pay yer bills doesnt exactly equate in your theory..Poor people cant afford to spend thus they cant exactly play a role in your theory. Lower and Middle class are what runs the nations economy. Those are the people that either make your buisness grow or go backrupt.. Tax cuts to corporations does nothing other than give management higher budget for bonuses or advertising or R&D..Not enough to really ever effect wages or create jobs or does it ever rarely happen in big buisness. Another note: Clinton did alot in office.. I believe we had surplus in the billions near the end of his term. He also did tons of environmental work in dealing with big business and polution wich the current head of office tossed out the window and wants to drill in alaska for oil. Though I dont like the man much cause he cheated on his wife..I feel your not really looking into what was really accomplished while he was in office.. Though he lacked big time in many areas..Dealing with terrorism for example.. But I wouldnt just simply call his term worthless.. Yer Enron example kinda backfires on you though "You talk about republicans and greed. Here something you should understand: these companies that recently went under (i.e. Enron, Tyco, ImClone, etc...) (i.e. Enron, Tyco, ImClone, etc...)" As hudge as the national dept has come from a surplus I do believe your example show a uncanny resemblance in policy concerning how the economics of our country is being managed as in spending what you dont have. I dont recall the name of the country that recently collapsed economicaly on its self because the middle classed disapeared..I donno if anybody has this countries name pls post it as I forget.. However, It was the result of exactly what we are now talking about.. THere it got to the point of class warfare at the extreeme and thus created the rich and the poor..Economy collapsed cause there was litterally nobody capeable of purchasing product and a hudge portion of the buisness community simply disapeared. I think it still has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world..near 20-30% i think when it dove..not sure though so take that figure with a grain of salt..old news may be foggy. anyway cheers!
  12. Pro Bush Protesters at the Convention

    Im suprised we dont just forigive our own dept as we do with other countries that owe us billions of dollars :P hehe
  13. Pro Bush Protesters at the Convention

    werent we in a surplus at the end of clintons wild run in office? Btw good man got some lol..bad man cheated on his wife..I donno which I loved or hated lol
  14. your choice

    Wes Clark.. :) However I do see dead people so I vote for JFK :) I win :P
  15. Has anyone even thought about this?

    only if a better view of the video on the website was available.. I did find it odd that no large enough obect to represent even a small private jest passed the camera on point of impact..should be a big hudge blurr..The damage does seem to look more like a missle hit but then again that video could be edited and missing important frames. Never know maybe a sam lauched to intercep a plane and struck the pentagon lol..You will never know cause even the photos can be edited and pitctures of aircraft parts could easliy be placed within an image or place of location and made to look real by any proffessional editor:P Personally I beleive it was a plane..but if that section was as reinforced as they said..It does lead to doubt about the energy required for avionic or engine parts to penetrate all five rings as each ring would equate to 5 impact points all of wich would absorb a termedous ammout of energy give to an object only traveling at 350mph. Noting that the same sized planes hitting the trade towers and a much higher volocity barely managed to penetrate the other side and more or less vaporized on impact.. Giving the same theory about the energy given to such things as the engines..The engines that should have blown right through the towers and probably should have landed either withn another building or few to several blocks away from impact. So It is rather interesting..

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