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  1. Thanks for he speedy replys. Just wanted to make sure my system wasn't glitched before trying to troubleshoot ingame.. I made a few runs and noticed that the pipper stays in the HUD more with rockets and CBUs. As for 250 and 500LB bombs, they seem to(drop faster?) indicated by a lower pipper? I haven't tried any high drag ord yet. I was also starting my runs at 2000-8000ft which is probably to low. Looking forward to the many campaigns and aircraft available.
  2. When I cycle through AG weapons and select a bomb the HUD changes to CCIP pipper, which extends below the HUD and into the pit. It does this in both SFP1 and WOE(patched and unmodded, and on both VISTA and XP, and in all aircraft). Is there a fix for this, or is that how it is modeled? Thanks.
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    Here's my 2 cents..
  4. Why arent I on the member list?
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    Dangerous Waters looks like a great sim. Enjoy!
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    One copy for me please. It looks like a great sim: surface, underwater, and air ops for naval warfare. Besides all the gadgets and campaigns, how about some 1v1 with modern subs online?
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