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  1. Here is the honest truth concerning CH Hotas vs Cougar Hotas from someone who once owned both. CH: Out of the box is the most durable/reliable/sturdy/robust of the two, hands down! I bought a set when I first started simming (early 90's), and the thing still works when I left the U.S. Although the pots probably need to be replaced. My complains are: 1. Wasn't very programmable, but I heard the newer units are much more flexible programming wise. 2. The joystick springs tension is a little weak, but that's because the unit is fairly light, and stiffer springs would cause it to move all over the table. 3. Wish there is a way to chang those pots to hall sensors for more precise flying. COUGAR: You will often hear this from Cougar owners, "There's just nothing like the feeling of cold metal in your hand. " w00t? Hooah? Nah...becaue TM uses cheap a$$ die cast metal. How cheap? probably the stuff the use to make spoons. When you do take it apart, you'll sit there and wonder to yourself, did I really pay 300 dollars for this? (Well, foos, why did you take apart a $300 HOTAS?) Most (if not all) of the buttons are plastic, not metal. Or they looked like plastic to me-no wait, I used a hobby knife to slice the air brake button to proper size so it can slide properly in its track. you can't do that with metal can ya? There is your answer to why I took apart a $300 HOTAS on the first day it arrived. Although the process went well, but during the 'operation' I was sweating profusely. Ummm...wanna grab a bag of Cheetos cuz there is more... Ok. Needless to say, after about two weeks I had to do another operation. What the? Yes, I was thinking the same thing. This potention meters TM put in the Cougars are possibly some of the cheapest pos, and they needed to be cleaned. OFTEN! Then there is that annoying freeplay in the joystick center that gets worst and worst. Again, cheap a$$ die cast metal + bad engineering of the gimbles. Sooooo...I finally gave in and bought the two mods from Ian J and Cub pilot. How much? If i tell you how much they cause you'll smack me! Really! However, the mods did make the stick much, much better, though. Better than the CH even! It was simply amazing how the hall sensors make flying soo precise! But I ended up selling the Cougar cuz I moved back to Thailand and needed cash. A decission I truly regret. Because now i am home and Hotasless. Anywizzle, if you do go for the Cougar and you read all the raving about Ian J gimble mod, be warned that it doesn't feel that great. The best I can explain is that it doesn't feel springy. Hard to explain but i was expecting more for something that costed more than the hotas! Cub hall sensors are a must, though. What I'm trying to say is that, out of the box, Cougar = a piece of dung once the novelty wore off. And that cold metal feeling gets old after a while. Cheers

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