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  1. Which add-on did you install? do you have a link to it so I can look at it?
  2. Ok I will around and see if I can find any similar errors from other people. what version of lomac are you flying?
  3. what am I doing now?

    Great work man, looks very promising
  4. Welcome to Biohaz! Very easy. Just open the mission you want to record, then select "Flight" from the top menu and select "Record Track" or hit CNTL+R. Then to watch it after you have SAVED it, select "Show Replays" and select that track. Hope this helps
  5. Christmas pictures.

    Nice dog, he must be quit calm to handle the decorations Happy Holidays
  6. Ejection audio

    found this on another forum, recording
  7. Flaming Cliffs

    Here is the best place to get the info on Flamming Cliffs. ED's Lock On site From what I can tell, there will be a "upgrade" version that you will be able to download, and the full version will be avaliable on cd. hope this helps Tuff
  8. Just saying hello

    Welcome back
  9. IM NEW

    Those F18s you saw are just skins, they are using the F15 that looks like a Hornet. Just about every download you get for Lomac will be loman compatable, so the install is a breeze.
  10. Hi, glad you are getting back into the game. Install the game from the CD, download the latest patch version 1.02 and install it, and your set. I would highley recommend that you get LOMAN 2.1 to install mods and stuff. Tuff
  11. Seen this on Gamespy, They are releasing there pics for the top 25 Flight Sims of all time. Here is the link.
  12. Cool!

    Well, you can never go wrong with VB, IMO. Its your Site and you've already paid for a year with IVB. I dont think people will mind to much, with all the features VB offers, how could they. Tuff
  13. This was posted on Russian site. go here for the rest. Russian Site Tuff

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