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  1. CA-WW1 - the French and the Yanks 2

    Great stuff! I do think the Nieuports in WOFF are too overly sensitive to wing stress and easily losing them even in flat turns. Especially the Nieuport 28, being notably faster. I'd like to see this adjusted some time in the future, but I'll let the idea of a revision simmer for a bit with players before bringing it up.
  2. WOFF wins CA Awards!

    Excellent sim. I had been looking for a modern flight sim with a superb single-player campaign experience, and this is one of the best ever created.
  3. Thanks! One big file of missions certainly helps the tedium of constantly messing with decompression programs. ;)
  4. Goodie goodie. I'm wondering if anyone is gonna make a new keyboard layout.
  5. I guess I was one of the few. I think I know what it is. After a mission in a campaign is finished you can save it just fine, quit, and come back to it later. However, if you save right after a mission is done, *then* select the next mission (and it's mission specifics show up) and save again (if you forget if you saved like I do sometimes) then it'll jack up your whole campaign. No 'fly' button then. I'm fairly sure that's what it is. In other words, save before you click on the next mission coming up. If you save it while viewing details on the next mission and you save it, it will basically think that you've not finished the mission nor any of the prior ones if you come back to it at a later time. Just an "Eyes Out". Nef
  6. Falcon 4.0

    I hear it's a bit iffy on WinXP. I tried it on my XP after I loaded up SP3 and it still locked up and crashed fairly regularly even with the mod. Still, it's an amazingly good one and I recommend you try it out. I plan on grabbing SP4 and giving it another swing again sometime.
  7. Hello everyone. I just picked up LOMAC earlier this week and it's coming along fine other than a few minor issues. I've been playing the MiG-29S campaign you have hosted here. It's great - thanks to whomever put it up and the creator. I just have one problem with the couple campaigns I've started. It seems that at some point in the campaign progression, I'll get no "fly" button for the next missions after completing one. I was alive and landed just fine on the previous ones with a mission success (sometimes after a couple tries ;) ) but the next mission will have "FLY" greyed out. :( Anyone have this happen, and if so, is there any workarounds? I have the first patch installed btw. Thanks! Nef
  8. I'm not sure what the regular Falcon 4 manual looked like. There was a huge Binder edition that was pretty nice and I was of the understanding that it was more intuitive than the normal one. Hopefully he has the big one. ;)
  9. I have to agree - the Binder version of Falcon 4 is amazingly in-depth. I have no idea where you could get it these days, I think there's been a high demand for them for some time now (and I'm not parting with mine.. sorry bro). Now that I think of it, I'm not really sure where I picked up on some of the "lingo" over the years. *shrug* Must be from doing it off and on since the 80s and my penchant for reading manuals multiple times apiece. Good luck and hopefully someone will be a bit more helpful than I have.
  10. I want to play the harpoon 4

    Ultimation went out of business and the publisher, Ubisoft, turned the project over to some eastern european developers. What is this? The 8th time it's changed hands? Things look bleak. There has to be a record broken for H4 being the pivot man between devs. As for me, I've been playing Sub Command with the SCX2/SCU mods and Fleet Command with the NWS mod. They're keepin me happy still - especially with the mods. Good stuff!
  11. Thanks AD. Got it in the favs.
  12. Oh! The water! *convulses*
  13. I'm a bit frustrated that there'll be no F-16 either. Oh well, looks like I gotta go with my old favorite, the Eagle.
  14. Go Ranger! I bet you didn't even need cockpit lights with all the AAA tracers on your strafing run. good job.
  15. :(

    Great skin! lol

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